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Kerala: Sub-Judge Stages Unique Sit-In To Resolve Garbage Issue In Public Market

It is said that judges can act only through their judgments. However, the Sub-Judge of Ernakulam recently chose to take direct action to resolve a long-standing waste management issue in Ernakulam Public Market.

Judge AM Basheer, who also happens to be the secretary to District Legal Services Authority, performed a unique sit-in protest in Ernakulam Public Market on Tuesday. The protest was made in front of a huge pile of garbage in the public market, which had been plaguing the area for several days. The judge was acting on a public complaint regarding the failure of the Corporation to remove the waste promptly. With the onset of monsoon, the situation worsened, and the waste pile posed a major public health hazard.

Judge Basheer, who reached the site to inquire about the complaint, resolved that he will not leave the place until the waste pile was removed. This sent alarm signals to the Cochin Corporation, which swung into immediate action.  The sanitation team arrived with lorries and JCBs by noon. Eyewitnesses recounted that at least 15 loads of waste were removed. The area was cleared by 4 pm.

Judge Basheer told media that this was just a first step, and stated that a committee will be formed with merchants and local residents to oversee proper waste management.

Picture Courtesy :FB Post by Senior Advocate MR Rajendran Nair

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  • Advocate Wasim Ahmed Khan Hyderabad says:

    Kudos to Honble judge for taking personal interest in public related issues. All public spirited persons and lawyers should draw inspiration from such incidents and motivate themselves to work for the betterment of the society and environment in the interest of public

  • Syed Naqvi says:

    If each of us indians perform our public obligations in the manner Judge Basheer has demonstrated can be performed, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan will become a success and India will look as clean and pious as India was at the time of our great Indus Valley civilization.

  • Philip says:

    That was unique

  • Vincent Raphael. says:

    We have to learn a lot from advanced and develped countries about waste management and good governance .Our leaders only interested to amass public money in their alternate tum.not bothered about common cause.

  • J K Singhi Sr.Advocate Jaipur says:

    Not proper. He shud have used judicial power to get it done in time given.Such action of sit in lowers the majesty of rule of law and court