Canadian Immigration Lawyers Explain How To Protect Yourself From Canada Immigration Frauds

  • Canadian Immigration Lawyers Explain How To Protect Yourself From Canada Immigration Frauds

    There seems to be a lot of competition these days between the immigration companies. But who are the legit ones and who are the fake ones, is very difficult to bifurcate these days. The competition of maintaining the track record of how many have been sent through a particular immigration company and at what circumstances has led to a fish market in this immigration sector that nobody bothers to the life of the client they wish to settle in. What matters the most is money and the number of people sent to a foreign country by them. A common man is confused as to where to go and whom to consult in case such a person wants to go abroad. Though it is very difficult to find a genuine immigration company that satisfies all your needs there are key points that a client or the prospective client can consider avoiding any immigration fraud in case such a client hires the services of an immigration company. These key points and strategies will really help to decide whether you going into a trap or going in the right direction. Since there is a lot going on in relation to immigrants at the time of hiring one from another country specially in India and being a lower class who is not educated enough one is exploited to the fullest to meet ones needs or goals. Immigration fraud is very easy to commit these days and has remained serious news today as well but for the client, it is whose investment is at stake, becomes one of the most substantial work on the part of such immigration companies.

    Following are some of the key points recommended by Canadian Immigration Lawyers which a client needs to take into consideration before engaging any immigration company for availing their services and cracking out such immigration fraud if any:

    Fishy Promises

    Since many people come to Canada with good intention or motive to settle in, there are a very large number of criminals who are waiting for opportunities and to take advantages of such applicants who are unaware of the danger they would be trapped in. It is mandatory to note that in case anyone makes any kind of promise relating to giving guarantee for the approval of your application; if they promise that your application will get special attention. Try to be vigilant enough and observe the promises they assure to make in and in what manner. Making any kind of promises which you think is very exaggerated, must be an alert for you and back off from such claimers. Since there are many unlicensed employers of Canada and non-authentic immigration companies are tying up to create fraudulent and fake immigration process. Many immigration companies act as an unauthorised ghost consulting firm. So, try to be cautious enough and protect your investment from such bogus promises and fraudulent activities. Always hire a competent Canadian Immigration Lawyer in Chandigarh.

    Through E-mail Related transactions

    There are so many phishing scams that come in various form and one such form is the E-mail related phishing scam where the claimant who alleges to be a very reputed immigration company and having direct contact with the immigration office and would try to ask out some fee for executing the application. Such kind of E-mails are very easy to find because of their poor English and grammar. Don't give your personal details as there are 99% chances of getting exploited.

    Through Phone Call

    Like that of E-mail, there would be similar kind of scenarios where the client could get a phone call from such fraudsters claiming to be from immigration company and would dress up like in an official-sounding language before getting around to some kind of request for payment. As per the guidelines of Immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC): They have stated that they won't call for collection or payment of any kind of money as they can get in touch with the client to get more information and details; They won't ask any kind of payment by way of the telephone; They will also not ask any kind of basic information again which was given on the application form like any kind of birth details, passport details etc. So, try to be vigilant enough from such kind of scammers as they are always ready to steal your hard-earned money in any way possible.

    By Creating Fake Website

    It really does not take much of a time to create a fake website and purporting to be a genuine one. They can post ads that could derive the traffic to their site and would be easy for them to steal your money. As per the IRCC guidelines any kind of special schemes and deals relating to the immigration and all, don't deal with them at all as IRCC does not claim such kind of schemes. Don't get attracted onto to mouth-watering offers that claims to be discounted ones or claims to be fast processing ones and get your work done at a lower cost as all such claims are false. Our Canadian immigration Lawyers, therefore, recommend that the status of each lawyer and ICCRC consultant must be verified before hiring them.

    Calling in through Job offer

    Situations such as Exciting Job offers which can be conveyed through E-mails or Phone calls can be the ones that you need to be cautious about and carefully examine as to whether such a source is an authentic one or not. There might also be a situation where the company claims to pay some money to provide you a job, don't rely on that at all as a bona fide job offer would never ever ask any kind of money in lieu of filling up a vacancy. These are illegal in many Canadian jurisdictions. So, it is recommended that whenever such calls are being received, one should try to be prudent enough of such kind of scammers and deal with them accordingly. Given the fact that such claimants who guarantee the job offer, knows that often paid-for job will never materialize or if the authorities get to know about it, such client's or candidate's case could get rejected. Jobs which states that there no experience or skills required should also be cautious a job and that too overseas cannot be given if one does not attain even a minimum experience in relating to the field one applies for or the employer searches for. Also, keep a note that in case any recruiter tries to contact you through a strange or vague E-Mail ID, then it should be taken into consideration that such an E-Mail ID is a fake one. Since many unlicensed employers of Canada and non-authentic immigration companies are tying up to create fraudulent and fake immigration process. Many immigration companies act as an unauthorised ghost consulting firm. So, try to be cautious enough and protect your investment from such bogus promises and fraudulent activities. Whenever any immigrant is hired, he is given an offer letter on the official head letter of the company that seeks to fill such a vacancy. Even jobs that mandate paid training before engaging in any kind of job should also be watchful of. Also, beware of such job offers which one did not even apply for. It is a red flag and a sign that you will be coned into a fraudulent operation. In one of the recent news where an Indian ex-pat living in the UAE was scammed out of around $11000 when he was made believed of obtaining a job in Canada.

    Most of the scams or fraud are usually through pay for getting the job. It is one of the traditional methods which shell companies try to convince you to pay up for getting a job in Canada. It is the recruiters who have to charge from the employer to get the vacancy filled for them and not the client. Many of the fraudulent recruiters are after your money and your personal information. So, try to beware of such scams. If someone asks you to pay for getting a job it's highly illegal. Whenever in doubt make sure that whatever the company you are engaging in to hire its authenticity should be its prime concern and in order to ensure that, a prospective client can look over such company's website where he will get to know the performance of the company and related feedbacks as to the working of such a company. Get to know with the help of the referrals as to how the company is and how to take out the work from them as they have already experienced the same and they would be in a good position to let you know the status of such company.

    Report a Scam or Fraud?

    Canada is one of the most welcoming countries and in order to ensure that its citizens and guests are remained safe, they have initiated a backup for each and every situation which could arise at any point time. One such a situation is Reporting of such kind of fraud or scam which is in the eyes of laws considered to be illegal and unacceptable under the jurisdiction of Canada. Apart from this, there are also a huge number of illegal immigrants heading towards the border of Canada which becomes mandatory for the government to curb the situation and maintain peace and harmony among the people of the Canada. The Canadian Government has issued various kinds of guidelines and advisories in this regard and one such is relating to immigration fraud. As per the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), one can report any of suspicious activity which is relating to marriage of convenience; wanted person on an immigration warrant; person who has given false information in his/her immigration application form; any kind of citizenship fraud which is not known to the government of Canada and is living in Canada or is likely to become such citizen; Hiding any such kind of information which should be known. Our lawyers in Chandigarh have helped clients who have been cheated by immigration agents in getting justice.

    Precautionary Measure

    It is recommended that in order to curb such kind of activities, a thorough inspection or research work should also be done from the client's side as well in order to ensure the satisfaction of investment one is putting in. Try to engage with immigration companies whom you have been referred by your closed ones like your relatives, close friends who are in the best position to provide a fair consultation as there are less chances of such fraudulent activities with them. Try to be cautious in the scenarios in case any of the immigration companies ensures your eligibility under above-mentioned exemptions, as it is alarming to the fraudulent activity one, can set a trap for you. It is also recommended to take consultation of such immigration lawyers so that they are in a better position to let you know the status of such employers who are. There is even a provision for evaluating yourself at the time of applying for Canada free of cost which is really helpful so that the prospective immigrant is in a better position to know where he stands and would not be trapped under the schemes of such dishonest and fraudulent immigration companies as such fraudulent activities are so common and the common sufferer is none other than a common man, it becomes very difficult to resolve such disputes once a person steps in such a trap. Beware of such fishy promises which one claims to be by saying easy entry and higher salary as no one can guarantee entry except the government immigration officers.

    Before engaging or taking any substantial decision of your life it is in fact recommended that one seeks right advice and consultation from the good and authenticated sources with the help of trustworthy colleagues and will help you to overcome from being circumvented and being cheated. Since there are a whole lot of such illegal immigration companies who guarantee or promise of providing visas, it should be kept under strict scrutiny by the potential client as well for getting to know about the company one is going to engage.

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