Canadian Lawyers Discuss What Are The Best Ways To Get PR In Canada

  • Canadian Lawyers Discuss What Are The Best Ways To Get PR In Canada

    Everyone has the right to grow and test his/her intellect by testing one's limits and this can only be possible when people get the opportunity to explore not only locally but internationally as well. Many people come to the foreign land with the hope of better living lifestyle. But in order to fulfill someone's dreams it is mandatory to note that whatever documentation and process one has to follow should be legit and authentic before coming into another country. One needs to know the full ins and outs before exploring internationally and for that one needs to have a requisite knowledge of how he has to apply and to whom he has to apply and in what manner? So before going out get to know your basics right. There are many fraud immigration companies who claim to provide you permanent residency but are only bothered about money. A smart client is a one who knows what to do before approaching to the immigration companies and get to know some in-hand knowledge of how to get permanent residency through a little bit of research and study. Since there is a lot going on in relation to immigrants at the time of hiring one from another country especially in India and being a lower class who is not educated enough one is exploited to the fullest one needs to be educated and get aware of. It is adequate to create awareness and make the common man understand the issues faced by such a person at the time of migration from one country to another and what could its consequences be if not applied in an adequate and fair or reasonable manner. In order to attain a Permanent Residency, one has multiple options to get into Canada in a legal manner. Following are some of the key points which a client needs to take into consideration before engaging any immigration company for availing their services and cracking out the process of Permanent Residency:

    The Trade Agreements

    Inter-trade agreements between two countries help to ease out the conflicts and tensions and expect to meet under a good working relationship by coming on to consensus between the parties and meeting under a mutual obligation. There are also other types of trade agreements as well that allows for a certain immigration exception. So, in case you are a national of any of the country in which Canada has a trade agreement with and has a contract with any of the Canadian company, then you can be made liable to work in a country like Canada without the Labour Market Impact Assessment, that is the LMIA. This type of agreements allows you to work in your company be it a subsidiary one or a branch or a parent company or an affiliate in Canada which is known as the intracompany transfer. Take help of our Canada Immigration Lawyers on how to get PR under this category.

    Work Permit with Job Offer

    Applying for a job for Overseas, it seems to be a very difficult task. But with the help of one's experience, you can avail of this opportunity of getting a permanent residency in Canada. If you are a skilled and experienced person and have received job letter from any of the Canadian employer then you can choose under this category as a valid option for your migration. The Canadian government is very keen on making the employer hire the locals of the region first and foremost and after that gives the opportunity to the international citizens. Thus, the onus of proving that you are required for job position falls on you and the employer both. The country where the employee is the citizen and has no trade agreements with Canada when the employer should submit an application and the labor market impact assessment to the employment to support their case. It is also mandatory to prove that you as an employee will help Canada in enhancing economic productivity by providing a proof of your education, work experience, and skill set. There is a minimum of three requirements that are required to be possessed by the potential candidate for the visa application for the permanent residency that is the skilled work experience, language ability, and requisite education relating to the job he has been offered. But there's also a drawback of such a work permit which is once it is allotted for employment in one profile and work under one employer and in case the candidate wishes to change his or her employer or position of work that the application needs to be approved by the authorities again. Seek the advice of our Canada Immigration Lawyers on how to get work permit.

    Family Sponsorship or Spouse Visa

    Family sponsorship for a spouse visa is that category of emigration which is available to the family members of the Canadian citizens are the permanent residents of Canada. Family members who are eligible to sponsor include any conjugal or common-law partner or a spouse; a person who is dependent be it adopted or biological and parents or grandparents. With the help of this kind of sponsorship, it will enable the prospective client for the candidate to apply for the permanent residency in an easy manner without any obstacle or difficulty. But it is a pre-condition that the candidate who is applying should be sure enough that the other spouse or the person whom the candidate is going to enter the country must be a permanent citizen as well. Get the assistance of our Canada Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh for a spouse visa.

    Study Permit

    Study permit is considered to be one of the most viable and the safest option of all and if your parents or legal guardians can afford such a pay then there no lovely place to study than in Canada through a masters or a graduation degree. Since Canada provides with a huge number of programs and there are a few Canadian universities or institutions which are considered to be top in the world, for a more practical education, Canada should be considered as an option. Apart of getting a student visa is that the Canadian provinces of permanent residency streams for graduates as well as for secondary Institutions as well. But the candidate has to make sure as to when they are applying for choosing the university you want to do research and what all it takes to get a permanent Residency. And if you want to settle in Canada, a job offer can save your soul after the completion of your graduation. It is also pertinent to note that whatever you work and in whatever manner you like while you are a student, it won't count at all towards any of the work experience. Since Canada has a high-quality teaching system with an extensive curriculum and practical orientation for every program. It is considered to be the most preferred choice of migration to the country. To migrate under the study, visa the applicant should be accepted by one of the universities for study and the process should also involve the submission of system of the purpose of their education a letter of recommendation and the Essays about their interest in the course along with their certificates and degrees. After acceptance in the university based on the candidate credentials, the process of applying the student permit starts for which the candidate can apply only on the citizenship and immigration Canada website and attach the university's acceptance letter for the records along with all other visa requirements. Take the guidance of our Canada Immigration Lawyers for a study permit.

    Visitor Visa

    Another way of getting into Canada and obtaining a permanent residency is by way of coming through a visitor visa. Although it is not the permanent way to migrate, but one of the safest ways to enter into Canada and to get a visitor visa on a temporary basis if you need one to search for a job while staying here. It should be noted that you cannot work or start your carrier in Canada when visiting on a temporary basis. You even don't require many of the eligibility requirements under this category like that the candidate should be in good health or not a valid passport or in a financial resource to pay for families or his or his expenses. It can also apply online for a visitor visa as well. But you can use this visa to make contacts for your carrier and about your future work in Canada. Another reason to be kept in mind is that at the time of your temporary visit you need to make sure that you have come here on vacation and not for searching job-related aspect. It would really be awesome if you can make some of the arrangements related to your carrier over there and once you get back home, you can initiate with the work permit process as soon as possible. Seek more information from our Canada Immigration Lawyers to get visitor visa.

    Through Business and Investor Immigration

    Another source of attaining a permanent residency is through a Start-up visa program. This helps the immigrant entrepreneurs to establish businesses in Canada along the foreign business owners and their family members to apply for permanent residency. While getting permanent residency for entrepreneurs who have applied for the start-up visa program are also eligible for a temporary work permit which allows them to travel to Canada and launch their businesses. This process depends upon the candidate's net worth and their business experience. Here also, it is also mandatory to prove that you as an employer will help Canada in enhancing economic productivity by providing a proof of your education, work experience and skillset and how your work will contribute to growing the overall economic productivity. This also includes a self-employed persons program which allows the people to migrate to Canada permanently as a self-employed person and if you are interested in such kind of a program that is relevant for you to show the relevant experience in such activities or athletics and are willingly able to make a significant contribution to such activities in Canada. Get help of our Canada Immigration Lawyers to get business visa.

    Through Known Referrals

    You can even get a Just for an idea about how to apply for a permanent residency in Canada with the help of your referrals. Those who are already citizens in Canada and have attained citizenship or a permanent residency in Canada are in a better position to tell us to how to apply for permanent residency and in what manner and how to go through the process and how much time will it take to the completion of such a process. Referrals are a very good backbone for the potential candidates, as they give you a genuine and a very clear picture as to how to go about at the time of applying and what will be the next step as to the process of attaining permanent residency.

    Be thorough before initiating the Process

    A thorough inspection or research work should also be done from the client's side as well in order to ensure the satisfaction of investment one is putting in. Try to engage with immigration companies whom you have been referred by your closed ones like your relatives, close friends who are in a best position to provide a fair consultation. It is also recommended to take consultation of such immigration lawyers so that they are in a better position to let you know the status of such employers who are. There is even a provision for evaluating yourself at the time of applying for Canada free of cost which is really helpful so that the prospective immigrant is in a better position to know where he stands and would not be trapped under the schemes of such dishonest and fraudulent immigration companies as such fraudulent activities are so common and the common sufferer is none other than a common man, it becomes very difficult to resolve such disputes once a person steps in such a trap. Take advice of our Canada Immigration Lawyers to initiate Canada PR process.

    Before stepping into any important decision, one needs to understand that one seeks a right advice and consultation from the good and authenticated sources with the help of trust worthy colleagues and will help you to make a better decision and will be helpful to give you a better option as to what path to choose at the time of attaining Permanent Residency.

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