CARE COUNCIL – An Initiative By Law Students For Supporting COVID Patients And Their Families


8 May 2021 8:34 AM GMT

  • CARE COUNCIL – An Initiative By Law Students For Supporting COVID Patients And Their Families

    India is one of the worst affected country by the Covid-19 Pandemic and cases are rising significantly in the second wave, with an exceptionally higher mortality rate than the first wave. Our healthcare system is choking and there is a major shortage of oxygen, medical devices such as Oxygen Concentrators, etc. Many people are seeing their friends and family getting succumbed to the disease and they are losing their sanity. Every day we are seeing families getting affected – struggling for oxygen cylinders, beds, medicines, and medical devices.

    Ms. Iram Majid is also one such person who have seen her brother suffering because of this disease. She at one point was struggling to get one oxygen concentrator and seeing the gravity and severity of the situation, she decided to help people out so that they don't go through what she faced and started with an initiative "CARE COUNCIL" along with various other people of the legal fraternity including law students from across the country united together who are volunteering robustly in this initiative.

    The main purpose behind this initiative is to help people in getting verified leads for oxygen cylinders, oxygen cans, oxygen concentrators, medicines, food, medical services, home ICU set up facilities, availability of beds in hospitals across the country, counselling services as mental health has also become a matter of concern in these difficult times, and other important information with the help of local administration. Facilities are also made available linking various doctors who can help the people by way of giving consultation without any fee.

    The team is working in an extremely efficient way. The team consists of volunteers and leaders. People who need any sort of help can reach out to any of the leaders and they circulate the information to the volunteers, then any volunteer who is available at that moment takes up the responsibility of that family or patient and look out for verified leads and provide it to the respective patient or family. Further, after providing the lead, the volunteer also reaches out for feedback so that it is ensured that the family/patient has received the required help.

    The team is now receiving queries from countries like Australia, France, Morocco, Netherlands and USA and they are also willing to extend their support and are becoming a part of this initiative. So Care Council is now not only limited to the domestic level but it is also reaching out globally and strive to extend its service to more and more so that it could help as many people as possible in the best way out.

    Further, as a Covid-Fundraiser, a workshop is organised on 'Drafting an Arbitration Agreement' where Ms. Iram Majid is the guest speaker so as to raise funds which can be donated to a Covid Relief Fund who will help the affected people to buy oxygen cylinders, basic medicines, concentrators, etc. A minimal contribution of Rs. 50/- is kept for the participants of the workshop, which will not only allow them to learn about drafting of an effective arbitration agreement, but will also enable them to participate in their support for helping people affected by Covid-19.

    A lot of families have been helped till date by providing them with the required support and we strive to help as many people as possible. For this purpose, we wish to expand our team and invite law students to be a part of this humanitarian venture and extend your support in helping people. Interested students can reach out to us via WhatsApp on:

    · +91 9868407411 (Ms. Iram Majid)

    · +91 8890134440 (Ridhima Chandani)

    Those who need any help can reach out to our leaders by contacting them and we'll try our level best to help you in the best way possible.

    Following are the contact details of our leaders:

    · +91 9868407411 (Ms. Iram Majid)

    · +91 7564097175 (Piyush Kumar Roy)

    · + 91 7000052442 (Vrinda Agrawal)

    · + 91 7999755987 (Yash Talreja)

    · + 91 9594035770 (Mr. Sunil Wasnik)

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