Legal League Consulting (LLC) Completes 11 Years, Brings The Concept Of Coaching For Lawyers In India With The Launch Of 'Lawyer Limitless'


27 July 2021 8:07 AM GMT

  • Legal League Consulting (LLC) Completes 11 Years, Brings The Concept Of Coaching For Lawyers In India With The Launch Of Lawyer Limitless

    On the occasion of completion of 11 years, Legal League Consulting (LLC) is pleased to launch 'Lawyer Limitless', an initiative that is set to transform the Indian legal fraternity by bringing the concept of coaching for lawyers. Styled as one-to-one and group interactive sessions, 'Lawyer Limitless' is an initiative that is dedicated to the growth and evolution of lawyers through stages of career transition and will promote workplace confidence, wellness, resilience, and mental strength.

    'Lawyer Limitless' is co-founded by Bithika Anand and Nipun Bhatia, who're both certified coaches and have been dedicated to bringing progressive changes to the legal sector through innovation and venturing onto the lesser-known. Murray Mathieson, Owner/Director of UK-based Positively Legal Ltd., and Gerry Riskin, Founder of US-based Edge International, have already agreed to be the Strategic Advisors to the initiative. Several coaches of national and international repute will be joining this one-of-its-kind initiative dedicated to lawyers.

    On the occasion of the launch, Dr. Lalit Bhasin, President of Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) and former President of Bar Association of India, extended congratulations to the team of Legal League Consulting with the message, "Legal League Consulting has followed an unconventional path and has always come up with progressive initiatives. Coaching will be extremely useful for lawyers as it would give them a practical framework to identify their goals and align them with their values. I congratulate Bithika and Nipun for bringing the concept of coaching for lawyers to India, and wish them all the best for their transformative new venture 'Lawyer Limitless'."

    Mr. PM Devaiah, Group General Counsel – Adani Group, added "I think most lawyers believe that they don't need any coaching. If 'Lawyer Limitless' succeeds in breaching this hurdle, it could be a game changer in ushering a cultural revolution in the profession of law, which is much needed."

    With the help of communication tools and techniques, 'Lawyer Limitless' will promote out-of-the-box thinking, build confidence, improve work-life balance and facilitate accountability towards goals in lawyers through a constructive conversation in an effectively guided process. Mr. Safir Anand, Senior Partner & Head of Trademarks Contractual & Commercial IP at Anand and Anand, lauded the initiative with the following congratulatory message, "Knowledge is power, and with promising coaching and insight, it's liberating. Kudos, to Legal League Consulting for introducing 'Lawyer Limitless', indeed a power-packed phenomenon. This will unequivocally flair wondrous wisdom to the lawyers of India."

    Explaining the concept and the reason behind launching the initiative, co-Founders Bithika Anand and Nipun Bhatia jointly said, "While coaching for lawyers has been an extremely popular concept across the globe, it is yet to make in-roads in the Indian legal sector, and we at Legal League Consulting are proud to power the initiative in the country. World over, one-to-one coaching is a highly effective method to achieve better performance. Our new initiative would help lawyers across all age groups and professional streams to break from the noise and clutter by triggering deep & structured changes to the thinking process. The idea is to handhold the lawyers in their journey to find answers within and overhaul the way they approach & organize work. Through 'Lawyer Limitless', we will promote the balance between lawyers' pursuit of professional success and their inner peace."

    Powered by Legal League Consulting, 'Lawyer Limitless' will draw from the experience of working with lawyers and our understanding of the legal profession for last eleven years. This lends gravitas to the coaching conducted by Founders and Strategic Advisors, and sets us apart as coaches dedicated to the legal profession. It will cover all major dimensions of coaching including leadership coaching, partner mentoring, practice development coaching, career coaching and personalized life coaching.

    As coaching programs exclusively dedicated to lawyers, 'Lawyer Limitless' will help lawyers in development and implementation of practice management strategies, augmented productivity, improved leadership, teamwork, and relationship management skills. It would also assist the lawyers in identifying goals, breaking them down into bite-sized objectives to make them achievable and avoid a sense of overwhelm.

    Nipun Bhatia and Bithika Anand, who're both certified coaches are the co-founders of 'Lawyer Limitless'

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