Surana & Surana's Senior Citizen Mentorship Program (SS-SCMP)


27 Jun 2020 6:25 AM GMT

  • Litigation Funding

    Diversity is the essence of life. The same holds right while trying to create an effective work force. Focus on age diversity in the work place is the new trend.

    A diverse team in an organization can make a complete group. Combined with the youthful energy and innovative ideas of the young professionals along with the balance cum knowledge of the experienced, could be a vital factor in bringing success.

    An article in the Entrepeneur site[1] lists twelve reasons for hiring an experienced member to a team. An eye for detail coupled with focus and attentiveness is an intangible value that a senior professional can bring in. Values, mature standards and experience are some of the other traits of an older talent.

    When the energy, innovation and risk taking ability of the Gen X and Gen Y is guided by the patience, wisdom and measured communication skills of experienced professionals, the quality of work in the organization increases multi-fold.

    In line with the above, Surana & Surana invites applications from motivated Middle and Senior Management Professionals in the age group of 56-60 from different disciplines/industry sectors desiring to reinvent themselves in a new career and work environment. Experience in general management, regulatory affairs, people management, systems implementation etc. will be looked at. This experiment is to study the impact of combining experience with youthful energy.

    The applicants who are shortlisted post the interview, will work with senior management at the firm's Head Quarters in Chennai. Upon successful completion of the stipulated period, applicants would be offered a management position for up-to 3 years.

    Applicants are requested to send a detailed bio data to by attaching the table mentioned hereunder as cover page.

    Name, last held designation with company name


    Years of Experience

    Areas of Expertise

    Industries Served

    Team Handling Experience

    Team Size


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