Law Firm Singh & Associates Forays Into Forensic Investigations And Valuation Services With Senior Appointments


30 Jun 2020 2:39 PM GMT

  • Law Firm Singh & Associates Forays Into Forensic Investigations And Valuation Services With Senior Appointments

    (With this launch Singh & Associates becomes India's only law firm to provide a full array of forensic services)

    Singh & Associates, India's leading full-service law firm has announced their entry into Forensic Investigations and Valuation Services with senior appointments. Subhayu Roy, an ex-Mazars partner, will join as the head of the Forensic department and will lead the team. With the launch of this service, Singh & Associates has become the only law firm in India, which provides a full range of forensic services with a unique legal focus.

    As India prepares to be among one of the top economies of the world, with open global trade, ease of doing business, corporations always run the risk of fraud, corruption and other irregularities hidden as financial transactions within the organisations and/or by external partners. That is why the importance of forensic services backed by legal knowledge has been growing rapidly within India and globally. Singh & Associates, also being one of the largest commercial disputes and arbitration practice law firms in India, have been witnessing an increased demand from its existing clients to help them with the entire complex tangible and intangible assets valuation, claim and loss computation as part of various ongoing projects and disputes thereof. Envisaging the growth of the business from its existing as well as potential clients, Singh & Associates has strategically decided to launch significant forensic investigations and valuation department. With this synthesis, businesses will receive dual benefits of Forensic Discovery and Legal Representation in one place. This will be a unique approach to dealing with financial issues with legal handle.

    S&A's Forensic Investigations and Valuation services aim at helping clients in preventing them from any frauds or compliance issues triggered by gaps in any processes, malaise intention of People or loopholes in technologies they use in doing their day to day businesses. It aims to detect them at the early stage in order to minimise the loss/ damages both financial and reputational in nature. It also helps to represent them while acting on the same with a strong backing of diversified Legal experts.

    The launch of department and hiring of senior professionals in the field of forensic investigations and valuation will play a significant role in the further development and growth of the firm's overall service offerings in legal advisory across diversified sectors such as Real estate and Infrastructure, Power, Energy, Metal and Mining, Healthcare, Private Equity, and E-commerce etc.

    Some of the flagship offerings of the Forensic Investigations and Valuation Services are Disputes and Litigation Support, Financial Modeling and Valuation, Claim Computation and Loss Calculation, Merger & Acquisition Forensics, Corporate Fraud and Misconduct, Anti-bribery and Corruption, Fraud Risk Assessment Services, Corporate Intelligence Services, AI-driven Solutions (SaaS), E-Discovery services, Forensic Technology, Fraud Data Analytics and many more.

    An exalted Founding Partner of Singh & Associates, Manoj K. Singh, said, "We, as a firm, have always been futuristic in our thought process. When we partner with a business in their growth cycle from a legal perspective, we continuously see them being exposed to some other major kinds of financial risks as well. And we feel there is a missing play where we can do our bit like a firm. Our regular interactions with existing clients, also a deep analysis of global trends, led to a strong conviction that Forensic & valuation services backed by strong legal knowledge is also what we would like to offer to our clients. With this new launch, we have become truly full-service and our services more holistic. Being one of the foremost law firms in the country aiming to offer relevant, end-to-end and world-class services to our clients, it only becomes a natural progression for the firm to launch this new service."

    "We are glad to have gained some widely respected, industry leaders of forensic investigations and valuations experts, who come with a demonstrable track record of working across a variety of industries, jurisdictions and forums. Now with over 230 legal experts across practice areas and industries, Singh & Associates has the ability to offer clients unrivalled capabilities, with access to either stand-alone experts or an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of experts with the skills and experience that are essential to get to the heart of the most complex legal challenges for large businesses," further added Singh.

    The Forensic services to be spearheaded by Subhayu Roy -- an accomplished Forensic investigations and valuations expert with over 12 years of experience working on significant, complex matters worldwide. An alumnus of EY, KPMG, Mazars, Subhayu has acted on behalf of national and international large corporates, governments, and entrepreneurs in matters related to Forensic investigations and valuations as an expert for a variety of cases ranging up to hundreds of million dollars. He will be stationed at S&A's Gurugram office.

    Currently, the total hire for the Forensic team comprises of 30 odd professionals who are Chartered Accountants, Economists, CFA, (Certified Financial Analyst – USA) CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner– International), MBA, Lawyers, Certified Forensic Technology professionals, Forensic Data Analytics and Cybersecurity professionals. The firm is looking at expanding it to making it one of the biggest such team by the end of the financial year.

    About Singh & Associates

    Singh & Associates is a full- service law firm with offices at New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The Firm has four major Practice Groups viz., Litigation and ADR, Contracts and Transactions, Corporate and Tax and Intellectual Property. Over the years, the Firm has created its niche nationally as well as internationally by providing quality legal services accompanied with excellent turnaround time and competitive fees. Intending to provide a comprehensive array of services to both domestic and international clientele, the Firm has 230+ professionals including experienced lawyers (with in-house advocacy expertise), chartered accountants, company secretaries, trademark attorneys, patent attorneys, engineers, and specialised paralegal staff.





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