Rajendra Kumar Sets Out On A New IP Legal Venture: RKR & Partners


19 Dec 2023 6:24 AM GMT

  • Rajendra Kumar Sets Out On A New IP Legal Venture: RKR & Partners
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    Chartering a Bold New Path, veteran IP lawyer, Rajendra Kumar, better known as RK in the legal profession, establishes RKR & Partners to continue his pioneering work as an IP lawyer. The new firm marks a significant milestone in Rajendra Kumar's extensive career in intellectual property law spanning nearly four decades of experience in handling diverse legal challenges over the years.

    Before the establishment of RKR & Partners, Rajendra Kumar has been noted for his significant contributions in the field of law, including groundbreaking legal work, thought leadership in IP law, and dedicated mentorship to emerging legal talents. His influential contributions covered a broad spectrum of work across IP strategies, high-stakes litigation, and advocacy for policy reforms, garnering wide respect and recognition in the legal community.

    His key achievements include:

    • Shaping transborder and dilution doctrines in trademark jurisprudence in India through the pathbreaking Apple and Benz cases.
    • Contributing to the overhaul of India's IP laws post-1994, particularly in assisting the Government of India in drafting a law for protecting geographical indications, leading to its enactment and implementation in 2003.
    • Co-authoring a seminal work 'Geographical Indications: A Search for Identity,' chronicling his experiences and practical insights in representing iconic global geographical indications including Darjeeling tea and Basmati rice.
    • Exploring the limits of the overlapping boundaries of copyright and design rights in landmark cases such as Samsonite v. Vijai Sales and Microfibres v. Girdhar.
    • Taking a deep dive into India's evolving legal regime governing intermediary liability, notably in the landmark MySpace case.

    "At RKR & Partners, we embark on a journey to redefine and elevate the practice of IP law. Our commitment to integrity, innovation, and empowering the next generation of legal experts is at the core of our philosophy," said Rajendra Kumar.

    RKR & Partners is poised to offer trailblazing solutions in IP law, underpinned by Rajendra Kumar's extensive expertise and visionary approach. The firm aspires to set new standards in the field, fostering an environment of continuous learning and innovative legal practice.

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