Law Students/Interns will not be permitted to enter SC on ‘Miscellaneous days’


21 Aug 2013 1:35 PM GMT

  • Law Students/Interns will not be permitted to enter SC on ‘Miscellaneous days’
    The Supreme Court has today issued a notice forbidding entry of law students and interns to Courts on Mondays and Fridays, popularly known as ‘Miscellaneous days’ for the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court hears regular hearing matters only from Tuesday to Thursday.

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    The move has come after lawyers complained about overcrowding at the Court. A copy of the notice was served to the Supreme Court Bar Association and the Supreme Court Advocate-on-Record Association.

    Commenting  about Miscellaneous days, Senior Advocate T R Andhyarujina had once said, “On those days the corridors of the Court are overfull, lawyers and litigants and staff wait or move and often scramble from court to court jostling with each other. Being unable to attend in a court when a case is called out, lawyers ask for a "passover" of their case by their Advocate-on-Record or junior which is generally granted by the Court to accommodate lawyers. Several years back, the admission work was distributed on every day from Monday to Friday at the beginning of the working day. The number of such matters was about 5 to 10 in each court. After their disposal, the rest of the day was devoted by each court to regular hearings. I suggest that we restore this system. “

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