AMU: Navigating The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Law, International Conference 2024


27 Jan 2024 8:25 AM GMT

  • AMU: Navigating The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Law, International Conference 2024
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    The Faculty of Law in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence, ZHC&T AMU Aligarh organised a two-day International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Law. Prof MZM Nomani Dean Faculty of Law welcomed the plenary speakers and delegates from 18 countries of the world. Advocate Faisal Sherwani from Luthra & Luthra Law Firm opined that the government's legal policy for Artificial intelligence under the Information Technology Act 2000 is skewed as evident from deep fake imbroglio. Prof Tabrez Ahmad former vice chancellor G D Goenka University Gurugram underlined the vast potentiality of AI in dispute resolution. Prof. Rashid Ali Coordinator Interdisciplinary Center for AI highlighted the Law and technology interface in legal Education.

    Professor Andrew Muray from the London School of Economics dwelled on the translation of legal principles in AI for access to justice. Prof Subhajit Basu from the University of Leeds paradoxed digital sovereignty, data capitalism and technology imperialism in the context of the global south. Prof Zaid Hamza of the National University of Singapore offered pragmatic dimensions of AI in legal practice. Prof Hashmat Ali Khan established AI's connection with legal aid to the poor in the Indian context. Prof Christopher Mardsen of Monash University, Australia spoke about AI, Sports Law & Fair Election and vividly recalled his visit to Aligarh in 1994. Prof. Filiberto E.Brozzetti of Luiss Guido Carli University, Italy had wishful thinking in establishing accountability, probity and transparency by AI and data flow. Dr. Luke Stark of Western University, London delineated the role of AI in anticipatory ethics promoting social goals and social justice.

    Delegates from 18 countries are deliberating on the intersection of AI and Law. Dr.Tabassum Chaudhary organising secretary of the conference expressed that it is the first international conference of its kind in law faculty. The delegates, participants and student attendees desired to see many more such events in future under the academic leadership of Prof. Nomani.

    The Valedictory Session was addressed by the Advocate Osama Sohail, ANZ Law Firm who opined on the legal hurdle and hiccups in realizing the technological benefits of AI.

    Ali Hossain Arman,Qasim Abbas Kazmi,Rushan Ahmad moderated the event.Zaina Khan captured the conference .Anjum Sanjer,Rhythm Sharma,Fizza Khan,Saman Mushtar,Chhavi

    Sharma,Maria Khan,Aliya Sarfaraz Khan,Khushi Tomar,Azka Abid,Faraz Ahmad, Mohd. Ismail Khan,Shamim Alam, Bilal,Almas Ismael,Aqib Khan,Ghilman Sarmad,Noorain Ansari,Wakar Ahmed and team made the conference successful.

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