Call For Articles At Juris Omnibus

Manav Malhotra

26 Jun 2020 4:45 AM GMT

  • Call For Articles At Juris Omnibus

    Juris Omnibus is a website dedicated to hosting legal articles which are critical, analytical, deliberative and raise important issues for consideration in the Indian context. The idea behind starting a forum like Juris Omnibus was to encourage discussions and healthy criticism of legal developments in India in the field of civil and commercial laws, and to enhance the quality of academic legal discourse in India.

    Who can apply?

    • Practitioners, Students and Academicians who are less than 40 years of age as on the date of submission.


    • Arbitration and dispute resolution (national and international)
    • Insolvency
    • Governance and compliance
    • White Collar disputes
    • Constitutional and Public Law
    • Contracts & Specific Relief
    • Competition Law
    • Intellectual Property Law
    • Corporate and Commercial Laws
    • Data Protection and Privacy Laws, etc.

    Submission Guidelines

    • The themes are generic and inclusive, and only provide guidance on the overall ambit of the website. Authors should feel free to write to us even if their articles do not fall within these themes and categories.
    • Posts must not be more than 1500-1800 words excluding footnotes.
    • Co-authorship is allowed to the extent of two authors.
    • Submissions may be emailed in a format compatible with Microsoft Word to

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