Call For Blog Posts: RMLNLU Arbitration Law Blog

Manav Malhotra

30 Nov 2019 4:35 PM GMT

  • Call For Blog Posts: RMLNLU Arbitration Law Blog

    DR. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow invites blog for its Arbitration Law Blog.


    • Repeal of Section 11(6A): Changing trends in pre-arbitral judicial intervention
    • Mandatory Arbitration through Statutes
    • Applicability of Limitation Act at various stages of an arbitral proceeding
    • Feasibility of introducing arbitration mechanism within the folds of the 2013 Companies Act
    • Relevance of host state's level of development in interpretation of investment treaty standards
    • Time bound Arbitration (with a special emphasis on Section 29- A)

    Submission Guidelines

    • Generally, the blog posts should be in the range of 700-1500 words. Longer posts will be published in parts.
    • Articles that have contemporary relevance are preferred. However, you may cross-examine an old issue or take up something that it is not sufficiently articulated in other fora.
    • Contributions should be coherent and easy to understand. Please avoid excessive use of jargons. Rest, the editorial team will work with you to improve the quality of your contribution.
    • Contributors to cite other writers, articles, or books if they are borrowing any content, as is the case in any academic writing. Being an online platform, we expect our contributors to use hyperlinks instead of footnotes. Though, sources that cannot be accessed online may be footnoted.
    • Blog posts should be accompanied by a short excerpt detailing the core issue(s) dealt in its content: preferably 80-100 words.
    • The submission should not mention any information about the author(s) or their affiliation. Alternatively, we would like you to send us a short biography of yours (either in a separate document or in the body of the email). Your biography shall be published along with your post.
    • Submissions must be sent to us latest by 30th December 2019.

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