Call For Book Chapters: CJAR Handbook On Socio-Economic Offences

Aasavri Rai

17 July 2020 7:43 AM GMT

  • Call For Book Chapters: CJAR Handbook On Socio-Economic Offences

    The Centre for Criminal Justice Administration and Research (CJAR), Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur invites book chapters for "CJAR Handbook on Socio-Economic Offences".

    The book will be published by published by Satyam Books Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.


    Introduction to Socio-Economic offences

    • Nature and Scope of Socio-Economic offences
    • Causes of Socio-Economic offences
    • Sutherland's theory of White Collar Crimes
    • Concept of Mens Rea and forms of punishment

    Professional Deviance and Socio Economic Offences

    • Unethical practice at the Indian Bar, by Doctors.
    • Press council on unprofessional and unethical journalism medical malpractice
    • Vigilance Commission & Ombudsman.
    • Police Atrocities

    Law Relating Corruption, Health and Money Laundering

    • Prevention of Corruption, Money Laundering & Trafficking
    • Food Adulteration, Safety and Standards
    • Prevention of Atrocities to Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes
    • Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic Substances
    • Law relating to Fugitive offenders

    Law Relating to Corporates, Real Estate & Environment.

    • Real Estate Fraud, Fraudulent Bankruptcy, Bank Frauds
    • Corporate Crimes, Stock Market Manipulations
    • Social and Legal Measures for Controlling Environmental Crimes
    • Intellectual Property

    Important Dates:

    • Deadline for proposal submissions: 7th August 2020
    • Full chapter submission: 15th September 2020
    • Book release: November 2020

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