Call For Papers: Ad Meliora 5, International Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Law, And Ethics [Submit Abstracts By 10th June]


23 April 2024 7:34 AM GMT

  • Call For Papers: Ad Meliora 5, International Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Law, And Ethics [Submit Abstracts By 10th June]
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    The Christ Academy Institute of Law, Bengaluru is organising AdMeliora 5, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Law and Ethics on 25th and 26th July, 2024 in Hybrid Mode.

    The last date for abstract submission is 10/06/2024.

    Full papers submitted by 30/06/2024 shall be considered for publication in a book with ISBN number.
    In the wake of rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), our societal, legal, and ethical frameworks are encountering unprecedented challenges and opportunities. AI's capabilities, ranging from decision-making algorithms to autonomous systems, present unprecedented opportunities and challenges that cut across traditional boundaries. This conference seeks to explore the complex interplay between AI, law, and ethics, shedding light on the need for innovative legal responses and ethical guidelines to govern the development and use of AI technologies.
    This conference aims to convene a diverse group of academics, legal practitioners, and ethicists to share insights and research findings on AI's legal and ethical dimensions. The conference will serve as a dynamic forum for discussing AI's latest innovations, trends, and dilemmas, fostering a dialogue on practical challenges and the development of principled solutions. The goal is to enhance understanding and collaboration across disciplines, contributing to the development of a coherent framework that ensures AI advances in a manner that is both legally sound and ethically responsible. The conference will encourage submissions that offer diverse perspectives, aiming to encompass a broad spectrum of AI-related legal and ethical issues.
    Christ Academy Institute of Law (CAIL) is a prominent law school, affiliated with the Karnataka State Law University (KSLU). Managed by the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) priests, CAIL aims to mould intellectually, spiritually, and morally upright leaders who will strive for the cause of justice, truth, and peace. BA LLB, BBA LLB. and B.Com LLB programmes are offered at CAIL. Guided by India's core constitutional values, its curriculum aims to deliver socially engaged legal education, meeting the highest global academic and professional standards. CAIL directly engages with social challenges, especially evaluating and responding to the legal dimensions of globalization and its impact. The principles of social inclusion and diversity guide the admission process at CAIL. India, with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, is a leading global digital platform for dialogue, reflection and action for responsible leadership. It offers access to a large number of resources on ethics, primarily through its leading global digital ethics library and facilitates collaborative web-based research, discussion forums, conferences, online publishing and information sharing. The regional centre of India is at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bengaluru 560029.
    Abstracts on issues related to specified themes are invited from academicians, practitioners, researchers, scholars, and students. The sub-themes are not exhaustive, and the researchers are free to address any topic related to the theme. The best papers from among those that are submitted by 30/06/2024 shall be published in an edited book with an ISBN number. A hard copy of the book shall be sent to the authors at an additional cost, which will be disclosed after publication.
    AI and Constitutional and Human Rights

    • Intersection with constitutional law and human rights
    • Impact on freedom of speech, equality, privacy
    • AI in Criminal Justice
      • Role in predictive policing and evidence analysis
      • Implications for justice, fairness, and potential biases
    • AI in Healthcare and Ethics
      • Ethical considerations in diagnostics and treatment
      • Issues of patient consent, data privacy, AI reliability
    • AI in Education and Development
      • Transformative role in education
      • Contribution to development, focus on data ethics
    • AI and Intellectual Property Rights
      • Challenges to traditional intellectual property concepts
      • AI-generated content and legal definitions of creativity
    • AI and Labour Rights
      • Impact on the workforce and labour rights
      • Worker privacy, surveillance, labor law adaptation
    • AI: Application and Industrial Trends
      • Current trends in AI applications across industries
      • Technological advancements, market evolution
    • Ethical AI: Societal Implications
      • Long-term societal impacts
      • Ethical development guidelines, social responsibilities
    • AI: Legal and Policy Framework
      • Evolving legal and policy frameworks
      • Regulatory approaches, adaptation challenges
    • AI: Contract Laws and Automated Decision-Making
      • Influence on contract law
      • Complexities of automated decision-making
    • AI and Sustainable Development
      • Contribution to sustainable development goals
      • Environmental implications of AI
    • AI and the Metaverse
      • Integration of AI in the Metaverse
      • Ethical, legal, social challenges in virtual environments

    An abstract of 300-350 words shall be submitted by 10.06.2024. It should contain the name of the Author (including co-author, if any) and affiliation. A maximum of two co-authors is permitted. The abstract must be accompanied by a cover page consisting of the name of the authors, institution name, title of the paper/sub-theme, email ID and contact number. The abstract will be subject to rejection if found plagiarized. Intimation regarding acceptance or rejection of the abstracts shall be made by 12.06.2024. On acceptance, the registration shall be completed with payment of the applicable fees. In the case of multiple authors, both must pay the registration amount separately. Both names can be registered using the same Google form.
    Last date of submission of abstract: 10.06.2024
    Intimation of selection of abstract: 12.06.2024
    Early bird registration offer:13.06.2024
    Last date for registration: 17.06.2024
    Last date for submission in order to be considered for publication: 30.06.2024
    Last date for submission of full paper: 15.07.2024
    Date of international conference: 25.07.2024 - 26.07.2024
    Mr Bijolse Johnkutty, Faculty Coordinator - +918075576669
    Mr Nandu Sam Jose, Faculty Coordinator - +919747473247
    Mr Sudheesh PN, Faculty Coordinator - +917092060177
    Ms. Reniya Reji, Student Convenor - +91 6282777565
    Ms. Srishti S, Student Co-convenor - +91 9334877376

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