Call For Papers: Lex Terra- Enviro-Legal News And Views (ISSN 2455-0965)

Manav Malhotra

10 Sep 2019 5:29 PM GMT

  • Call For Papers: Lex Terra- Enviro-Legal News And Views (ISSN 2455-0965)

    Centre for Environmental Law, Advocacy & Research is delighted to invite scholastic submissions for its fortnightly online publication, Lex Terra- enviro-legal news and views (ISSN 2455-0965) for its 13th and following issues.

    Submission Categories

    • Short articles (2500 words)
    • Enviro-Legislative analysis (1000 words)
    • Enviro-Legal news & views (1000 words)
    • Enviro-judgment analysis (1000-1500 words)

    Submission Guidelines

    • The theme of the write up shall be of relevant, current or historical legal importance.
    • The structure and writing of the paper shall reflect the objective of the series i.e. making the understanding of law easier and accessible to a layman and simplifying complex concepts of law.
    • The paper can be written in English, Hindi and Assamese, as per the convenience of the author.
    • The paper shall bear a minimum of 1200 words and a maximum of 3000 words. (exclusive of footnotes, bibliography, etc.)
    • Co-authorship is not allowed.
    • Every paper shall be subjected to a thorough plagiarism test, with a permissible limit of 20%.
    • ILI Mode of Citation should be used as the mode of reference for bibliography, or footnoting method.
    • Submissions shall be open to everyone willing to contribute. For Para Legal Volunteers of Legal Aid Cell, a minimum of four submissions shall be compulsory before the successful competition of their tenure.
    • All the prospective authors are requested to kindly keep the language of the submission, simple, to the point, and devoid of poetic representation of concept, making it strictly relevant to the legal academia and non-legal readers alike.
    • Submissions can be mailed at by 10th & 20th Of Every Month.

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