Call For Papers: NLUO Student Law Journal Volume 4 Issue 1 (2019)

Manav Malhotra

27 March 2019 1:38 PM GMT

  • Call For Papers: NLUO Student Law Journal Volume 4 Issue 1 (2019)

    NLUO-SLJ invites papers for its forthcoming Call for Papers: NLUO Student Law Journal Volume 4 Issue 1 (2019)(2019). The NLUO Student Law Journal (NLUO-SLJ) is a peer-reviewed academic journal managed by and intended for students.

      • Who can apply?

        · NLUO-SLJ invites submissions from undergraduate and postgraduate students of law and other disciplines. In exceptional cases, submissions from full-time doctoral students may be considered at the discretion of the editorial board.

        Submission Categories

        • Articles (about 6000-8000 words).
        • Notes (specific to a single issue) (about 3000-4000 words).
        • Case/Legislative Comments (about 3000 words).
        • Book Reviews (about 2000 words).
        • The word limits above are exclusive of footnotes.

        Submission Guidelines

        • A maximum of three co-authors is permissible for articles, and a maximum of two for notes. Co-authorship is not permitted for case/legislative comments or book reviews.
        • Please note that NLUO-SLJ follows a strict no-plagiarism policy.
        • Please adhere the submissions format according to the NLUO-SLJ. Instructions for Contributors is downloadable by the link here
        • Submissions are subjected to plagiarism checks commensurate with appropriate international standards. NLUO-SLJ also follows a strict exclusive submission policy. No submission should be published or under consideration for publication anywhere else.
        • Any infringement shall be liable for automatic disqualification.
        • NLUO-SLJ accepts submissions only through e-mail. MS Word (.doc, .docx) and OpenOffice Writer (.odf) are the only accepted file formats. Files in other formats, particularly PDF, shall not be considered.
        • Submissions may be sent to the following address:
        • · The subject line of the covering e-mail should contain the following:

        1. Mention of the fact that it is a submission for Volume 4 Issue 1

        2. If a note, case comment, legislative comment, or book review, then the type of submission (not applicable for articles)

        3. The abbreviated title of the submission.

        · The covering e-mail should contain the following particulars:

        1. Full title of the submission

        2. Type of the submission

        3. Word count

        • The name, affiliation, and contact details of the author (in case of multiple authors, the names and affiliations of all authors, and the contact details of the corresponding author)
        • All the mail submissions to be sent at

        · Last Date for Submissions: 15 April 2019

        NB: We follow a policy of rolling submissions. Manuscripts received after the deadline may be considered for future issues.

        For any queries contact:

        · Anshay Chopra:

        · Rakshita Agarwal:

        To Access Brochure click here

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