Call For Papers: RMLNLU Law Review Volume XII


2 July 2021 5:15 PM GMT

  • Kautilya Society, RMLNLU | Article Writing Competition | Submit by Dec 25


    Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, formerly Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law Institute, is an institute for law in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Dr, RMLNLU was established in 2005, and since then, has been providing undergraduate and postgraduate legal education.


    RMLNLU Law Review ('Journal') is an annual peer-reviewed Journal published by the Journal Committee of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow which seeks to provide numerous insights and views into contemporary legal issues and encourage conversations about the same. The RMLNLU Law Review runs parallel to the RMLNLU Law Journal on CMET (Communications, Media, Entertainment, and Technology).

    After having celebrated eleven years of immense success and acclaim as a reputed Journal, we are pleased to announce the call for papers for Volume XII of the RMLNLU Law Review. Since the previous edition of the Law Review, the Editorial Board has worked in close collaboration with an Advisory Board to select articles for publication. The expertise and experience of the diversely composed Advisory Board which has representation in the form of professors, advocates and legal professionals, is to provide a holistic review of each article and uphold the standard of the articles that finally get accepted for publication; with there being a great emphasis on quality research, relevancy of topic and novel contributions in the scrutiny phase of review.


    The Journal accepts submissions from law students and professionals all over the country and abroad in the form of:

    • Articles: 5000-7000 words
    • Essays: 4000-5000 words
    • Case notes/comments: 2000-3000 words
    • Book Reviews: 2000-3000 words

    The submissions may be on any contemporary legal issue. The authors are expected to adhere to the prescribed word limit (excluding footnotes and abstract), as indicated above.

    Each of these entries shall be required to conform to the set of guidelines that follow.


    The formatting shall be as per the following:

    • Content:

    Font – Times New Roman

    Font size – 12 pts.

    Line spacing – 1.5

    Margin – 1" from all sides

    Alignment: Justified

    • Footnotes:

    Font – Times New Roman

    Font size – 10 pts

    Line Spacing – 1.0

    All the sources in the footnotes must be properly cited strictly in accordance with the latest OSCOLA (4th edition) format. No endnotes or speaking footnotes (descriptive footnotes) are allowed.

    General Instructions

    • An abstract of about 250-300 words and 5 keywords should be mandatorily included in the same word document as a part of the submission.
    • The title should be Bold, Underlined, in Capitals, Size 16, and Centre Aligned.
    • Headings should be Bold, in Capitals, Size 14, and left aligned.
    • The contents should in no way, directly or indirectly, indicate or reference the identity of the author(s).
    • The submission should be original and non-plagiarized. They should exhibit originality in thought, critical evaluation, and careful interpretations. Submission of a paper shall be taken to imply that it is an unpublished work and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
    • The author(s) must send in the cover letter in the body of the mail, which must contain all the relevant biographical details (Name of the author(s), their degrees, Designation, Name of College/University/Institution, Postal Address, Phone Number and Email ID). A separate attachment as a cover letter will not be entertained.
    • The mail bearing the manuscript must indicate the category that the submission is intended for, i.e. Article/ Essay/ Case Comment/ Book Review.
    • Co-Authorship to a maximum of two members is allowed. However, co-authorship is not allowed in "book reviews" and "case notes/comments".
    • Editors' decision shall be final and binding. They reserve the sole rights to the publication of the selected articles in addition to; inter alia, any edits/amends/reproduction.
    • The contributions presented to and accepted for publication and the copyrights therein shall be the intellectual property of the Journal Committee, RMLNLU.


    The submissions may be emailed to lawreview.rmlnlu[at] in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. The attached submission in the email, i.e., the name of the document must be the name(s) of the author(s).

    The subject title for the mail must be 'Article/Essay/Case Comment/Book Review for Volume XII'. Please note that only one submission per author or a team of co-authors is permissible. In case of more than one submission, only the one received first would be considered for review.


    The deadline for submission of the manuscript is 26 September 2021.

    There shall be a rigorous review process comprising 3 stages. Members of the Advisory Board will be closely involved in the review process. This would ensure a greater standard of review and identification of quality academic writing. The authors shall be intimated about the status of their manuscript at every stage.


    Email: lawreview.rmlnlu[at]

    Phone: 9818849520 (Aditya Pattanayak)

    7376182209 (Stuti Rastogi)

    9415544823 (Sanket Khandelwal)

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