Call For Papers: SLS Hyd Seminar On Immigration [21st Mar]

Aasavari Rai

23 Dec 2019 11:07 AM GMT

  • Call For Papers: SLS Hyd Seminar On Immigration [21st Mar]

    Centre for Specialization in Immigration and Citizenship Law, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, is organizing a one-day National Seminar on Immigration and Crimmigration- Issues and Challenges.

    Date: 21st March 2020


    1. Illegal migrants - a religious or ethnic issue

    • Immigration and Family disputes

    • Immigration and contractual employment issue

    • Immigration and labour policies

    • Citizenship and Nationality

    • Citizenship and Domicile.

    2. The Citizenship Act in India: Constitutional perspective

    • Citizenship and religion

    • Citizenship and illegal immigrants

    3. Immigration and Extradition

    • Extradition of offenders and fugitives - political offenders, military offenders and religious offenders

    • Immigration and Crimmigration.

    4. Immigration and overseas citizenship

    • Citizenship and overseas citizenship

    • Frauds and abuses under the immigration laws

    • Trial of offenders under the immigration laws

    • NRIS

    • Dual Citizenship.

    5. International Perspectives

    • Need for a Uniform Global Policy.

    6. Immigration, Emigration and Refugee law

    • Asylum and immigration

    • Protection of refugees under the immigration law

    • Governance of refugee camps

    Registration Fee:

    • Single Author: Rs. 1000
    • Co-author: Rs. 1500

    Important Dates:

    • Last date to submit abstract: 30th January 2020
    • Date of intimation of selected abstracts: 15th February 2020
    • Last day to register: 16th February 2020
    • Last day to submit final paper: 5th March 2020

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