NMIMS: International Conference On Evolving Legal System: Navigating 21st Century Frontiers [16th - 17th February]


12 Dec 2023 6:40 AM GMT

  • NMIMS: International Conference On Evolving Legal System: Navigating 21st Century Frontiers [16th - 17th February]
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    NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law (KPMSOL), Mumbai is a part of the SVKM group of schools and colleges under the NMIMS (deemed to be a university in Mumbai has been approved by the Bar Council of India in the year 2013 which is also its year of establishment. School of Law inculcates and nourishes all the professional virtues in a well-calculated and planned manner, without undermining the 'societal values'.

    The Centre for Research and Conferences (earlier known as Centre for Excellence) of NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai, was established as the Centre for Legal Research and Application, in 2018. They aim to significantly enhance legal research and development, through its integration with allied disciplines, and extensive exploration of contemporary developments in the law.

    The Centre for Research and Conferences engages in a discourse between various stakeholders to interact and exchange ideas about legal academia. They undertake a comprehensive examination and critical analysis of governmental institutions, executive powers, legal policies, and judicial guidelines. They endeavour to promote effective ideation and provision of a platform to formulate unconventional and pioneering recommendations to various policy-making institutions for making existing legal provisions more humane and functional. All new ideas and innovations emanating from budding legal minds that work towards access to justice are welcomed and will be guided by expert resource persons.

    The two-day conference is meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive exploration of contemporary global issues, blending the insights of legal experts and practitioners with the fresh perspectives of students, researchers, and academicians. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Shri Om Birla, shall be the esteemed Chief Guest for the inauguration of the International Conference organised by the Centre for Research and Conferences, NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai, scheduled to take place on 16th and 17th February 2024.

    The first day of the event promises a riveting Panel Discussion featuring Judges, Advocates, and representatives from prominent Law firms. This distinguished group will convene to engage in thought-provoking conversations addressing a wide spectrum of critical global issues. The range of topics spans the realms of global governance, economic development, climate change and sustainability, international relations, and humanitarian concerns. By bringing together such a diverse panel of legal professionals, the first day aims to provide a holistic understanding of the legal dimensions underpinning these complex and interconnected global challenges.

    The focus shifts on the second day of the conference, creating a dynamic platform for the next generation of legal minds. Students, researchers, and academicians will take centre stage, presenting their ideas and views on contemporary global issues. This segment of the conference serves as a unique opportunity for emerging scholars to contribute their perspectives, research findings, and innovative solutions to the broader discourse on global challenges. It not only provides a platform for knowledge dissemination but also facilitates a dynamic exchange of ideas among participants with varied levels of experience and expertise. By including this dedicated space for the academic community, the conference aims to foster an inclusive dialogue that spans generations, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of the legal aspects of contemporary global issues.

    In essence, the two-day conference is structured to create a harmonious blend of expertise and fresh insights, promoting a holistic understanding of the multifaceted challenges facing their interconnected world. The alternating focus on legal professionals and the academic community ensures a dynamic and inclusive exploration of global issues, ultimately contributing to a richer understanding of the legal frameworks necessary for addressing the complexities of our globalized society.

    Themes Of The Conference:

    • Conflict, Human Rights, and Global Security
    • Technology and Law
    • Gender Justice and Equality
    • Strengthening Global Democracies - P20 Perspective
    • International Environmental Law and Policy

    Important Dates

    10th January 2024 - Last date of Abstract Submission

    15th January 2024 - Date of communication of Acceptance of the Abstract.

    31st January 2024 Last date for Registration and Payment.

    10th February 2024 - Last date for Full Paper Submission

    16th & 17th February 2024 - International Conference

    Mode Of Conference - The conference will be held in hybrid mode (both online and offline).

    Fee Payment:

    For Authors

    • Single Student Author: ₹700
    • Student Co-authors (2): ₹1200
    • Student Co-authors (3): ₹1600
    • Professionals/Academicians/Research Scholars: ₹1200

    For Participation Only

    • Students: ₹400
    • Professionals/Academicians/Research Scholars: ₹400


    Registration fee does not include accommodation, or travel (international/national and local transportation). Although They will assist the participants with the details regarding logistics/possible accommodation nearby.


    Note: On registration, each participant shall be provided with a unique three-digit Code (e.g. T01, T02, etc.) which shall be used by both the CRC and the participants for the conference.

    Prizes And Awards:

    • First Best Paper: Rs. 10,000/-
    • Second Best Paper: Rs. 5,000/-
    • Best Presenter: Rs. 5,000/-
    • Best Female Presenter: Rs. 5,000/-

    Note: The author has to pay the Fee for the publication in the journal.

    For more information about the conference, kindly refer to the brochure

    Contact Information:

    The paper submission and queries related to the seminar should be addressed via email to: centreforresearchandconference@gmail.com

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