Advanced Certificate Course On IPR: Rs. 449 Only! Enroll Today


6 July 2020 9:06 AM GMT

  • Advanced Certificate Course On IPR: Rs. 449 Only! Enroll Today

    Shekhar's Dilemma

    • Shekhar grew up with his grandmother in Nainital. She used to make delicious Bal Mithai, a local sweet, for him every Sunday.
    • When he was a teenager, grandma taught him the family recipe. Eventually, he started cooking the best Bal Mithai in town.
    • Friends advised him to open a sweet shop, and he complied. Thanks to the secret recipe, his sweet shop was an instant hit.
    • This made fellow shop-owners furious. They stole his recipe and started selling the sweet. Shekhar's profits went crashing.
    • Shekhar has come to you for legal advice. Can you explain to him how his IPR of Trade Secret might have been violated?
    • Gain strong command over concepts of IPR with LexLife Advanced Certification and help Shekhar and many others. No prior knowledge of the subject needed.

    Duration: The course is self-paced. We recommend that you spend 3 weeks for optimal learning.

    Course fee:

    Original fee: INR 2,245 + taxes

    New discounted fee: 449 only! (all inclusive)

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