Advanced Certification In Competition Law By LexLife India : INR 449


13 July 2020 7:39 AM GMT

  • Advanced Certification In Competition Law By LexLife India : INR 449

    Jyotsna Started A Law Firm And Worked Hard For Years Before She Was Forced To Shut It Down. Here Is What Happened

    • Jyotsna came from a humble background. When she was just 6 years old, her father was falsely accused of theft and was convicted because the family could not afford decent legal representation.
    • She had always been a bright student. After her schooling, she received a scholarship and went for an integrated law degree. It was her passion to defend poor people who could not afford to pay hefty legal fee.
    • Jyotsna set up a law firm with her friends. After 3 years of tireless effort, her firm J&P Associates gained good reputation in the field of criminal law. She was applauded by everyone for gaining success in a short span of time.
    • ALP Legal (ALPL) is a tier one law firm with annual turnover of over 700 crore rupees. Its partners are connected with politicians and bureaucrats. ALPL has lost many clients to Jyotsna's firm because she provides good counsel at much lower price.
    • ALPL filed multiple malicious cases against J&P Associates alleging that Jyotsna was poaching clients from them. Partners at ALPL used their influence to intimidate her.
    • ALPL secretly hired top PR (Public Relations) Agencies to lower the reputation of Jyotsna. This caused great distress to her. She could not handle the pressure and was forced to shut down the firm which she had built from scratch.

    The conduct of ALPL is anti-competitive and is prohibited by the Competition Act, 2002. Many small entrepreneurs like Jyotsna are forced out of business by large firms because it is in their interest to maintain their monopoly.

    The concept of 'Competition' that we apply to the market through competition law is slightly different from literal meaning of the word. Advanced Certification in Competition Law by LexLife India will help you gain a strong command over the subject even if you have no prior knowledge.

    This Course will enable you to defend people like Jyotsna who work hard to build something from scratch. If you are an entrepreneur or wish to become one someday, this Course will ensure that you are prepared to face the highly competitive market.

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