Advanced Certification In Space Law At Rs. 499 Only: Enrolments Open


25 July 2020 7:01 AM GMT

  • Advanced Certification In Space Law At Rs. 499 Only: Enrolments Open

    Learn Space Law Through 16 Comprehensive Modules at Rs. 499 Only. Certification Included at No Extra Cost

    Does the United States of America, or Russia or the United Kingdom own the moon? Have you ever wondered if there are any laws relating to the space? Today, the global society which is driven by the modern technologies is highly regulated by the use of space. Our daily life activities such as making phone calls, sending emails or doing banking transactions cannot be carried out without the use of satellite technologies.

    Due to its high potential in times to come, it becomes very important for us to have knowledge about the sphere of law that goes beyond the Earth's atmosphere, into the space and deliver security to the society. LexLife India has carefully prepared this Certificate Course on Space Law to give you an insight into this mushrooming field. This course will give you an early advantage over your counterparts as you will have a foundational understanding of Space Law, that also with a practical point of view.




    Original fee = ₹ 2499 + taxes

    New discounted fee = ₹ 499 only! (all inclusive)


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