[Advt.] Bettering Results: Certificate Course On Criminal Litigation Practice & Drafting [Register Now!]


14 Jun 2024 12:30 PM GMT

  • [Advt.] Bettering Results: Certificate Course On Criminal Litigation Practice & Drafting [Register Now!]
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    Are you planning to be a seasoned Criminal Litigation Lawyer?

    To excel as a criminal litigator, one must acquire a comprehensive foundation, encompassing tasks such as drafting criminal complaints, bail applications, criminal appeal, criminal SLP, Chargesheet, preparing submissions, learn New Criminal Laws and mastering the art of cross examination.

    12-Weeks Advanced Course on New Criminal Litigation Practice and Drafting by Bettering Results is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive framework for mastering criminal litigation. Dive deep into the nuances of criminal law and emerge with the practical skills needed to succeed in this challenging and rewarding field.

    Instructed by Leading Criminal Litigation Practitioners, Advocates-on-Record (AoR), Supreme Court and Expert Legal Practitioners, with more than decades of experience in the field, this 12 Weeks Course on Criminal Litigation Practice & Drafting will equip you with both theoretical knowledge and practical aspects concerning Criminal Litigation.

    This course will also cover the new criminal laws i.e. BNS, BNSS & BSA introduced in the Indian legal system that will be enforceable from July 1, 2024, which offer better protection for victims and ensure fair trials and updated outdated laws to reflect current realities and ensure equitable treatment.

    Having trained more than 20,000 practicing advocates, in-house counsels, law officers, IAS Officers, CA, CS etc, Bettering Results is known for imparting high quality practical legal education with the help of India's leading practitioners.

    Bettering Results has also provided practical legal training to prominent institutions/companies such as LBSNAA, Mussoorie (IAS Training Academy), Government of India, NLSIU, Bangalore, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Ministry of Power, Thermax Limited, VIPS Delhi, among others.

    The 12 Weeks batch starts from July 7, 2024 with live sessions only on weekends i.e. Saturday & Sunday.

    Enroll now to avail early bird discount and reserve seat.

    You will have the opportunity to learn LIVE with these experts and solve all your queries. Along with that, you will have access to recordings of live sessions, drafting exercises, career guidance sessions, internship opportunities and so much more.

    Join us now to grow or kickstart your Criminal Litigation Practice.

    Top Trainers for the Course are:

    a) Ashish Dixit, Criminal Lawyer & Central Government Standing Counsel for Delhi High Court at Ministry of Law and Justice

    b) Anuj Kapoor, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court

    c) Shriya Maini, Criminal Lawyer & Advocate on Record, Supreme Court

    d) Nikhil Varshney, Director, White-Collar Crimes, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

    e) Siddarth Agrawal, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court

    f) Aditya Bharat Manubarwala, Counsel, Supreme Court

    g) Anubhav Kumar Jha, Assistant Professor, RGNUL & Research Consultant, Committee for Reforms in Criminal Laws

    What Will You Learn ?

    Module 1: Introduction to the Criminal Law

    Module 2: The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023

    Module 3: Different types of Crimes

    • Abetment, Criminal Conspiracy and Attempt

    • Offences against Women and Children

    • Rape including sexual intercourse by a person in authority

    • Assault, Sexual Harassment, Voyerium, stalking etc

    • Dowry Death

    • Offence against children in consonance with POCSO.

    • Offences against State, defence Services, Elections, Public Tranquility and Public Servants

    • With Practical Examples and Case Studies

    Module 4: Offences against the Human Body and Property


    • Culpable Homicide and Murder including attempt to murder

    • Abetment and Attempt to Suicide

    • Hurt and Grievous hurt

    • Criminal Force and Assault

    • Kidnapping, abduction, trafficking


    • Theft, extortion, robbery & Dacoity

    • Criminal Misappropriation and Criminal Breach of trust

    • Cheating, Mischief & Criminal Trespass

    Module 5: Miscellaneous offences

    Module 6: The Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, 2023

    Module 7: FIRs, Arrest and Police Complaints - Part I

    • All about FIRs including Zero FIR

    • Quashing of an FIR

    • Procedure for investigation

    • Procedure of arrest by a police officer and magistrate

    • Role of an Advocate in an FIR

    • How to Lodge an FIR online and offline?

    • How to search for an already registered FIR?

    Module 8 - Drafting Session

    • How to Draft a Police Complaint?

    • How to Draft and File a Quashing Petition?

    • How to draft a police complaint addressed to the SHO if the Police refuse to lodge an FIR?

    • Drafting Exercise

    Module 9: Cognizance and Commencement of Proceedings Before Magistrates

    Module 10: Charge Framing, Discharge and Protest Petition and Drafting

    • Introduction to Pre-Trial Procedure

    • All about Charge and Charge Sheet

    • All about Discharge and Acquittal

    • Introduction to Protest Petition

    • Examples of Charge Framing

    • How to Draft a charge sheet?

    • How to Draft a Discharge Petition?

    • How to Draft a Protest petition?

    Module 11: Different Types of Trials and Drafting

    • Stages of trial

    • Trial Before a Court of Session

    • Summary Trials

    • Person once convicted or acquitted not to be tried for same offence

    • Plea Bargaining

    • Order for maintenance of wives, children and parents

    • How to Draft and File a Quashing Petition?

    • How to Draft an application under Section 125 of CrPC?

    Module 12: General Provisions and Evidence in Inquiries and Trials

    • Reports of Certain Government Scientific Experts

    • No Formal Proof of Certain Documents

    • Affidavit in proof of conduct of public servants

    • Record of Evidence in Absence of Accused

    • Application for Summoning Material Witness, or Examine Person Present

    • Accused Person to be Competent Witness

    • Power to Proceed against other Persons Appearing to be Guilty of Offence

    • Compounding of Offences

    • Proclaimed offender

    Module 13: Judgment, Reference, Revision and Transfer

    • Judgment

    • Victim Compensation Scheme

    • Witness protection scheme

      Reference and Revision:

    • Powers of Session Court and High Court for revision and reference.

    • Transfer of criminal cases to Session Court, High Court and Supreme Court

    • Inherent power of Court

    • How to draft a Criminal Revision application?

    Module 14: Criminal Appeals and Drafting

    • Appeal Against Acquittal and Conviction

    • Appeal by State government against sentence

    • Powers of Appellate Court

    • Suspension of Sentence Pending the Appeal, Release of Appellant on Bail

    • How to draft a Criminal Appeal?

    • How to draft a Criminal Special Leave Petition?

    Module 15: Execution, Remission and Commutation of sentences

    Module 16: Bail Procedure and Drafting

    • Bail in Bailable and Non-Bailable Cases

    • Anticipatory Bail

    • Bail Bonds, Sureties and Security

    • How to draft and file a bail application?

    • How to draft and file an anticipatory Bail?

    • How is bail bond filed in court?

    Module 17: Miscellaneous Drafting Exercise - PART 1

    • How to draft an Affidavit

    • How to Draft Vakalatnama

    • About Court fees and Stamp Duty

    • How to draft a Criminal complaint under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act?

    Module 18: Miscellaneous Drafting Exercise - PART II

    • How to draft and file an informatory petition

    • How to Draft a Criminal Writ

    • How to draft an application under Parole & Furlough?

    • How to draft Applications under Sections 256 and 317 of Cr. P.C?

    Module 19: The Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyam Act, 2023

    Module 20: Important Concepts

    • Relevance of facts and Statement when relevant

    • Admission and Confession

    • Admissibility of WhatsApp chats, Electronic Records

    • Types of evidence and Burden of Proof

    • Interpretation of law with Practical examples and Case Study

    Module 21: Foundational Provisions

    • Dying Declaration

    • Expert Opinion

    • Estoppel and its kinds

    • Privileged Communications

    • Interpretation of law with Practical examples and Case Studies

    Module 22: Court etiquette and How to find the Relevant Judgments?

    Module 23: Career Guidance Session

    Exclusive Benefits:

    1. Weekend Sessions ONLY and manageable with practice, job, college internship, exams etc.

    2. Live and Interactive Sessions with Experts

    3. Certificate on Completion of Course

    4. Career Guidance from the Experts

    5. Recorded Video Lectures accessible for 2 Years

    6. Reading Material as per the module including a compilation of Landmark cases and comparative analysis of the new laws.

    7. Drafting Assignments and Feedback for the practical application of the learning

    8. Internship Recommendation to the Top Performers

    9. Access to Excellent Drafts on the topics covered in the session

    TIME DEVOTION: 4-5 Hours every weekend


    Applications are open for practicing advocates, in-house counsels, law students etc. and anybody interested in learning about Criminal Litigation drafting & practice in India and across the world.Register here: https://betteringresults.in/join-our-12-weeks-certificate-course-on-criminal-litigation-practice-drafting/


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    Website: www.betteringresults.in

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