Bettering Results: Learn Contract Drafting & Negotiation From Top Law Firm Partners At Bettering Results [Register Now]


18 Sep 2023 5:37 AM GMT

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  • Bettering Results: Learn Contract Drafting & Negotiation From Top Law Firm Partners At Bettering Results [Register Now]
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    Contract Drafting is the most important skill in the legal industry. The legal industry faces a lot of time-sensitive contracts that need to be drafted. However, not all contract drafting jobs are the same and it’s important that you understand how contracts are drafted in different roles.

    Contract drafting and negotiating has become an irreplaceable skill that lawyers need to master. Whether you want to work as a litigating lawyer, corporate lawyer, in-house counsel, or in any other field of law, you should be able to clearly draft and negotiate your agreements.

    After intensive perusal and deliberations with the Partners from top tier law firms, Bettering Results (BR) curated this specialised course dedicated towards mastering Contract Drafting & Negotiation.

    This 6 Weeks Certificate Course will help you in drafting all types of agreements including Employment Agreement, IT specific agreements, Shareholders Agreement, Loan Agreement, IP Assignment Agreement etc.

    This is the 8th batch of the Contract Drafting & Negotiation and more than 2200 practicing advocates, law students, officials, in-house counsels, etc. have benefitted from this in the past. The batch starts on on October 7, 2023.

    Register now to avail 40% early bird discount.

    Previously there has been participants from Reserve Bank of India, DRDO, Hindalco Industries Limited, Kotak Mahindra Bank, AZB & Partners, Khaitan & Co., Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., L&T Defence, Cashfree Payments, SirionLabs etc. & many law schools in the country.


    a) Abe Abraham, Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
    b) Shailendra Bhandare, Partner, Khaitan & Co
    c) Ravi Shah, Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
    d) Amruta Kelkar, Partner, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co
    e) Sumantra Bose, Principal Associate, Khaitan & Co
    f) Akshay Pathak, Principal Associate, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
    g) Rashneet Kaur, Principal Associate, Khaitan & Co


    Module 1:

    Basics of Contract Law & Landmark Judgments

    • What is a contract?

    • Essential elements of a contract

    • Types of contract (expressed or implied etc)

    • Difference between pledge and bailment

    • Difference between indemnity and guarantee

    • Void, voidable and void ab-initio

    • Quasi contracts

    • Landmark judgments on Indian Contract Act, 1872

    Module 2:

    Drafting of pre-contractual Instruments like term sheet, letter of intent etc.

    Module 3 & 4:

    Drafting of following important clauses in a contract:

    • Parties Clause (individual, company, sole proprietorship etc)

    • Definitions & Interpretation Clause

    • Reps and warranties

    • Condition precedent or subsequent

    • Term, termination, renewal and survival clauses

    • Assignment and change of control clauses

    • Confidentiality and non-disclosure clause

    • Indemnification clause

    • Force majeure clause

    • Non-compete clause

    • Contract Breach and Execution

    • Other boilerplate clauses

    • Annexure & Schedules

    • Signature pages

    • Any other important clause required

    Module 5 To 10: Drafting of following important contracts/agreements:

    • Sale & Lease deed
    • Loan Agreement
    • Partnership deed
    • Leave and License agreement
    • Employment Contract
    • Non-disclosure Agreement
    • Shareholder Agreement
    • Mortgage Deed
    • Power of Attorney
    • Post contractual agreements (including amendment agreement or novation agreement or supplementary agreement)
    • Cloud Computing Services Agreement
    • Software development agreement
    • Manufacturing & Supply Agreement
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Articles of Association
    • IP Assignment Agreement
    • Privacy Policy
    • Case studies on above agreements to test the knowledge of participants

    Module 11: Basics of Negotiation including common negotiation techniques

    Module 12: Breach of the contract and the remedies available including specific performance

    Module 13: Contract Review

    Module 14: Practice exercises



    2. Live & Interactive sessions with the instructors

    3. Q & A round with the instructors

    4. Recording of Live Sessions Accessible for 2 Years

    5. Templates of important agreements provided

    6. Certificate on Completion

    7. Free access to E-books by Manucontract

    8. 1 week FREE Access to Manucontract CLM

    9. Real world assignments and feedbacks by experts

    TIME DEVOTION: 4-5 Hours every weekend


    Applications are open for law students and in-house counsels, legal practitioners,CA, CS and anybody interested in learning about Contract Drafting & Negotiation in India and across the world.

    Register here


    Interested people may also contact details set out below: +9172529

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