Certificate Course On Legislative Drafting By NLIU Bhopal In Collaboration With Vidhi Centre For Legal Policy


30 March 2024 5:34 AM GMT

  • Certificate Course On Legislative Drafting By NLIU Bhopal In Collaboration With Vidhi Centre For Legal Policy
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    The Centre for Parliamentary Studies (CPS) at NLIU Bhopal is offering a certificate course on legislative drafting in collaboration with Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. The course is to be organized from 17th April to 19th April 2024 on a virtual platform. The instructors during the course shall be experts from the field of legislative drafting.

    NLIU is amongst the nation's premier law schools. The University constantly strives to enhance the legal landscape of the country. It aims to contribute towards national development by instilling a sense of responsibility within the student community while at the same time cultivating a spirit of intellectual freedom, qualities of leadership and imaginative power.

    The Centre for Parliamentary Studies has been established with the objective of promoting advanced learning in constitutional law, public policy research, and legislative drafting. CPS seeks to engage itself in academic discourse and research projects on contemporary public policy issues. The Centre also aims to become an instrumental organization in the holistic development of the Indian legal system by aiding the participants in acquainting themselves with important aspects of the profession.

    The Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy ('Vidhi') is an independent think-tank doing legal research to make better laws and improve governance for the public good. We do this through high quality, peer reviewed original legal research; through engaging with the Government of India, State governments and other public institutions to both inform policy-making and to effectively convert policy into law; and through strategic litigation petitioning courts on important law and policy issues. Our abiding values are non-partisan engagement, research excellence and independence.


    The Certificate Course on Legislative Drafting is being offered by the National Law Institute University (NLIU), Bhopal in collaboration with the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. This online certificate course on Legislative Drafting, in the context of India's law, policy and unique experiences, aims to introduce students to legislative drafting by exposing them to various ideas and the opportunity to discuss them from the learned resource persons.

    The course will focus on various aspects of legislative drafting. It will offer an introduction to the traditional principles of legislative drafting, such as legislative style and the components of a Bill. Modern techniques of legislative drafting, including the usage of plain language will also be discussed along with the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy's initiative to draft Simple, Accessible, Rational and Actionable Laws (SARAL). Ultimately, the course will acquaint students with the process of turning a policy idea into a piece of legislation that is clear, concise, and legally effective.

    By attending, participants will benefit from extensive and cutting-edge insights on these subjects from academic experts and practitioners, providing an opportunity to challenge their prior knowledge and preparing them for forthcoming challenges of the field of legislative drafting.


    The registration amount for the course is Rs. 100/- for both students and professionals.

    The last date to register for the course is 14th April 2024.

    Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Up-zhACgMIIf4nzHxlUkuK8JlB5K8MWU/view?usp=sharing

    Registration Link: https://forms.gle/RrRB3sXhNycqcaVv7

    Payment Link: https://erp.nliu.ac.in/payment/#/

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