5 Week Online Certificate Course On 3 New Criminal Laws By Legal Expatiate [20th April To19th May]


10 April 2024 7:44 AM GMT

  • 5 Week Online Certificate Course On 3 New Criminal Laws By Legal Expatiate [20th April To19th May]
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    This Course will upgrade your knowledge regarding the new criminal laws which are applicable from 1st July, 2024 which every lawyer and law student must possess. These sessions will give you an idea of the changes made in new criminal laws, new sections introduced, how it is going to impact society and what are the changes that shall be incorporated in future including doubt clearing session.


    Module 1

    - Introduction and overview of Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita

    - ⁠Legal History of BNS

    - ⁠Applicability of BNS

    - ⁠Legal status of IPC after enactment of BNS

    Module 2

    - Key Features of BNS

    - ⁠New offences introduced in BNS

    Module 3

    - Changes in the old offences in BNS

    - ⁠Overlapping of BNS with other specific laws

    - ⁠Legal Problems in applicability of BNS

    Module 4

    - Introduction and Overview of Bhartiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita (BNSS)

    - ⁠Legal History of BNSS

    - ⁠Applicability of BNSS

    - ⁠Working of criminal law system after implementation of BNSS

    Module 5

    - Key changes in BNSS

    - ⁠New procedure for FIR registration

    - ⁠New things introduced in BNSS

    Module 6

    - Key Issues in implementation of BNSS

    - ⁠Applicability of Crpc after enactment of BNSS

    - ⁠overlapping of BNSS with existing laws

    Module 7

    - Introduction of Bhartiya Suraksha Act

    - ⁠Necessity of new Law on evidence

    - ⁠Applicability of BNA

    - ⁠Additions, Deletions and Modifications and Definitions in BSA

    Module 8

    - Major changes in BSA

    - ⁠Retained provisions

    - ⁠Reforms relating to Electronic Evidence

    Module 9

    - Key legal issues in BSA

    - ⁠Positive and negative sides of BSA

    - Reforms relating to Relevancy of facts, Primary and

    Secondary evidence, oral evidence and documentary evidence, Public documents, Burden of Proof and other allied reforms

    Module 10

    - Interactive Discussions on new criminal laws

    - ⁠Problems and day to day challenges in courts after implementation of new criminal laws


    1. Adv Srishti Gupta, Supreme Court of India

    2. Dr Gouri Naik, Former Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, Noida

    3. Dr Kashmira Lonkar, Assistant Professor, School of Law, Ajeenkya D Y Patil University, Pune

    4. Adv S Thulasiram, High Court of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

    Perks of Attending the course

    1. Live sessions

    2. Sat- Sun classes (6pm -8pm)

    3. Get Recordings of Live Sessions (Valid for 3motnhs)

    4. Learn theory and practical of new laws

    5. E certificate of completion and study material

    6. Improvise your skills of litigation

    7. Pocket Friendly course

    8. Easy access on zoom

    9. Experienced guidance at your door step

    Who can Attend?

    1. Students (UG and PG)

    2. Advocates

    3. Academicians

    4. Research Scholars

    5. Law enforcement professionals including police officials and administrative officials

    Registrations Fees: Rs 2000/- only

    Last Date of Registration: 19th April, 2024

    Registration Procedure:

    Steps of registration

    1.Transfer 2000/- to 8999422426 via PhonePe/ paytym.

    2. ⁠Fill the form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVuNu7pOIrXxaGnx8sTJe5r1p60pwkLKPwExhX0iztHxfSTg/viewform

    3. Send the screenshot of payment to 8999422426

    Contact Details: 08999422426/08770140909

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