ILS Online Certificate Programme: Law Of Evidence [17th July – 20th August]

Aasavri Rai

15 July 2020 10:46 AM GMT

  • ILS Online Certificate Programme: Law Of Evidence [17th July – 20th August]

    Indian Law Society, Pune is offering an online Certificate Programme on Law of Evidence for Civil and Criminal Trials.

    This Programme will enable participants to understand and appreciate finer practical aspects of evidence, principles underlying these aspects, and use of these provisions and principles in pre-trial advice, pleadings, and trial proceedings.

    Duration: 17th July to 20th August 2020; 16 sessions

    Time and days: 4:00 PM to 6:00, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

    Faculty: Lawyers and judges with background of trial litigation

    For whom: Judges, advocates, police personnel, administrative officers, law teachers and students

    Pre-requisite: Participants shall have basic understanding of Law of Evidence.

    Fees: INR 5000


    • Fundamental concepts & principles
    • Pleadings & proof
    • Facts, relevancy & admissibility
    • Affidavits as examination-in-chief
    • Admissions, confessions & dying declarations
    • Admissibility of pretrial statements & documents in criminal trials
    • Proof & standards of proof
    • Examination of witnesses in civil & criminal proceedings
    • Oral & documentary evidence
    • Electronic evidence
    • Presumptions & burden of proof
    • Evidence in arbitration proceedings

    Examination: Online examination (100 marks) at the end of the programme

    Certification: Certificate on completion of programme with 75% attendance and minimum score of 50% marks in the online examination.

    For further details, click here.

    To register, click here.

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