Lex Pacto: Summer Certificate Course On Dispute Resolution


7 May 2024 5:25 AM GMT

  • Lex Pacto: Summer Certificate Course On Dispute Resolution
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    Explore the intricacies of dispute resolution in the comprehensive summer course. From dissecting dispute categories to mastering mediation, arbitration, negotiation, conciliation and litigation, each module offers invaluable insights. Delve into effective communication strategies, ethical considerations, and the influence of culture and technology. Engage in role-play exercises and case studies to enhance practical skills. Uncover the nuances of arbitration, its process, and enforceability, while emphasizing ethical professionalism and cross-cultural competence. Join for a transformative learning experience, equipping you with the tools to navigate complex disputes with confidence and integrity.

    Course Objectives:

    Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of various dispute resolution methodologies and practices. Through interactive modules covering negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation, participants will delve into the root causes of disputes across diverse contexts. They will acquire essential communication strategies, active listening techniques, and ethical considerations vital for effectively navigating complex conflicts. Practical exercises, including role-play scenarios and case studies, will enable participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, enhancing their problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities. Moreover, participants will explore the legal frameworks underpinning dispute resolution, including the enforceability of agreements and awards. By focusing on fostering cross-cultural competence and professionalism, this course will empower participants to approach dispute resolution with confidence, integrity, and effectiveness, thus advancing their careers in this critical field.


    1. Legal Frameworks: Explore the legal and regulatory aspects governing both domestic and international arbitration.
    2. Dispute Resolution Strategies: Acquire skills in dispute resolution strategies essential for enforcing arbitral awards.
    3. Negotiation Techniques: Develop negotiation skills, BATNA principles, active listening, and value creation strategies for successful negotiations.
    4. Mediation and Conciliation:
      Master mediator responsibilities and communication skills for effective conflict resolution.
    5. Arbitration: Understand arbitration processes, evidence presentation, and enforceability of awards.
    6. Litigation: Explore the litigation process and its distinctions from alternative dispute resolution methods.
    7. Ethics and Professionalism: Navigate ethical dilemmas, confidentiality, and impartiality in dispute resolution practices.
    8. Exploration of ADR Methods: Explore various ADR methods including domestic and international arbitration, expert determination, adjudication, and conflict avoidance strategies.


    • Weekend live sessions with expert lecturers. Recordings of each session will be available.
    • Comprehensive reading materials meticulously researched.
    • Certificates of completion and merit provided.
    • Program crafted by Industrial experts. Networking opportunities with peers and professionals in the field.
    • Continuous support from program coordinators for any queries or assistance.
    • Personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions for all participants.
    • Engaging assignments and quizzes incorporated into the learning experience.
    • WhatsApp Group & Google Classroom for updates on classes, assignments, Q&A etc.


    • Receive a course completion certificate (Hardcopy) issued by LexPacto.
    • Merit certificates awarded to top-performing participant(s).
    • Enjoy one-on-one mentorship session with industry experts.
    • Access a complimentary CV review and sample standard CV formats.


    • Mastering Dispute Resolution Essentials
    • Strategic Negotiation Tactics and Techniques
    • Expert Mediation and Conciliation Strategies
    • Navigating Arbitration Dynamics and Adjudication Procedures
    • Ethics, Professionalism, and Advanced ADR Methodologies

    MODE OF SESSION: Live sessions will be conducted and recorded lectures will be provided. The session will be conducted via G-meet.


    1. Ms. Pusshp Gupta; Mediation Trainer || International Mediator
    2. Mr. Prashant Kumar, AOR, Principal Associate at Dua Associates.
    3. Shri SN Khare, Retd. District and Session Judge.
    4. Mr. Iuri Reis, Senior Associate at Machado Meyer, London.
    5. Mr. Akash Gupta, Assistant Professor at JGLS.


    • FOR STUDENTS: 2500 || Early Bird for students 2000 (22 May)
    • FOR PROFESSIONAL: 3500 || Early Bird for Professionals: 3000 (22 May)


    1 June 2024 – 30 June 2024

    5 weeks (Every Saturday and Sunday), Evening Hours


    This course welcomes a diverse audience, including professionals, practitioners, students, and individuals interested in enhancing their dispute resolution skills and exploring advanced ADR methodologies. Whether you are a legal enthusiast, educator, or professional seeking to enhance your understanding of Dispute Resolution, this course offers a valuable opportunity for skill development and knowledge enrichment.

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    Contact: contact@lexpacto.in or at info.lexpacto@gmail.com or at +91 91714 15644

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