[Advt.] LexPacto: Summer Certificate Course On Legal Research And Drafting [8th June to 30th June]


22 May 2024 6:09 AM GMT

  • [Advt.] LexPacto: Summer Certificate Course On Legal Research And Drafting [8th June to 30th June]
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    LexPacto is a community of legal enthusiasts, educators, professionals, and students coming together to share knowledge, develop skills, and explore limitless opportunities in the legal field. LexPacto is a dynamic and versatile platform that offers a diverse range of services, catering to both aspiring legal professionals and established practitioners. With LexPacto, you're not just learning about law; you're immersing yourself in a world of possibilities, guided by experts and connected with a like-minded legal community. Join us on your journey towards legal excellence.

    About the Course

    Embark on a journey of legal research and writing mastery with our dynamic summer course. Delve into the core principles of legal scholarship, from understanding the role of a legal researcher to honing advanced analytical skills. Explore comparative and interdisciplinary research methodologies, empowering you to analyze legal issues from diverse perspectives. Refine your writing prowess through sessions on legal communication, research methods, and effective paper structuring. Learn essential techniques for avoiding plagiarism, citing sources, and optimizing your work for maximum visibility. Elevate your legal analysis capabilities through critical thinking exercises and real-world scenario discussions. Whether you're a law student, seasoned professional, or aspiring researcher, this course equips you with the tools and knowledge to excel in legal research and writing. Join for an enriching experience that will transform your academic and professional journey.

    Course Objectives:

    Upon completion of this course, participants will have acquired a comprehensive understanding of legal research methodologies and advanced analytical skills essential for evaluating legal issues from diverse perspectives. They will have honed their proficiency in legal writing, mastering the art of structuring coherent arguments and effectively communicating complex legal concepts. With a strong emphasis on ethical considerations and professional standards, participants will cultivate integrity and credibility in their academic and professional pursuits. Practical insights into citation practices, plagiarism avoidance, and search engine optimization techniques will empower participants to maximize the impact and visibility of their research outputs. Through interactive exercises, case studies, and discussions, participants will foster collaboration and peer learning within a supportive environment. Equipped with personalized feedback and guidance, participants will be ready to apply their learned skills and knowledge in real-world contexts, whether in academic settings, legal practice, or research endeavors.


    • Understanding Legal Research: Gain insight into the role and methods of legal research, distinguishing between prognostic and diagnostic approaches.
    • Aligning Research and Writing: Learn to select topics effectively and align research with desired outcomes.
    • Interdisciplinary Research: Introduce the concept of comparative and interdisciplinary research, and understand its relevance in legal studies.
    • Analogical Reasoning: Explore the use of analogical reasoning in legal research, with a focus on judicial precedents.
    • Empirical Research: Familiarize with empirical research methods and their application in legal studies.
    • Critical Analysis: Develop critical thinking skills essential for legal analysis, including identifying legal issues and developing innovative solutions.
    • Legal Writing Fundamentals: Master the fundamentals of legal writing, including research, drafting, and editing.
    • Structuring Legal Papers: Learn the essentials of structuring legal papers, including understanding legal authority, sources of law, and approaches to drafting.
    • Avoiding Plagiarism: Understand the importance of academic integrity and learn strategies to avoid plagiarism in legal research and writing.
    • Professional Development: Gain insights into how research and writing skills contribute to academic and professional success, including publication opportunities and career advancement.


    • Weekend live sessions with expert lecturers. Recordings of each session will be available.
    • Comprehensive reading materials meticulously researched.
    • Certificates of completion and merit provided.
    • Program crafted by Industrial experts. Networking opportunities with peers and professionals in the field.
    • Continuous support from program coordinators for any queries or assistance.
    • Personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions for all participants.
    • Engaging assignments and quizzes incorporated into the learning experience.
    • WhatsApp Group & Google Classroom for updates on classes, assignments, Q&A etc.


    • Receive a course completion certificate (Hardcopy) issued by LexPacto.
    • Merit certificates awarded to top-performing participant(s).
    • Enjoy one-on-one mentorship session with industry experts.
    • Access a complimentary CV review and sample standard CV formats.


    • Introduction to Legal Research & Writing
    • Pre-Research Activities
    • Progress Assessment Test
    • Methods & Sources of Research
    • Writing & Structuring the Paper
    • Plagiarism & Citation
    • Advanced Legal Analysis
    • Pro-Tips for Research Papers

    MODE OF SESSION: Live sessions will be conducted and recorded lectures will be provided. The session will be conducted via G-meet.


    • Ms. Shreya Mukherjee
    • Mr. Aditya Variyath
    • Dr. Parineeta Goswami
    • Hasnain Khawja
    • Parth Singh
    • Ashirbad Nayak


    FOR STUDENTS: 2499 || Early Bird for students 1999 (30 May)

    FOR PROFESSIONAL: 3499 || Early Bird for Professionals: 2999 (30 May)


    7 June 2024 – 30 June 2024

    4 weeks (Every Saturday and Sunday), Evening Hours


    Individuals from various backgrounds, including law students, legal professionals, researchers, scholars, and anyone interested in developing foundational skills in legal research and writing, are encouraged to enroll in this course. Whether you're beginning your legal studies, aiming to strengthen your research capabilities, or seeking to improve your writing skills in a legal context, this course provides a valuable opportunity for learning and skill enhancement.

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    Contact: contact@lexpacto.in or at info.lexpacto@gmail.com or at +91 91714 15644

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