Legal Expatiate: 7 Day Online Certificate Course On Drafting And Contesting Domestic Violence And 498A Matters [11th To 17th September]


5 Sep 2023 4:10 AM GMT

  • Legal Expatiate: 7 Day Online Certificate Course On Drafting And Contesting Domestic Violence And 498A Matters [11th To 17th September]
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    This Course will enable you to learn the litigation field from practical aspect. It will upgrade your drafting and pleading skills of Domestic violence and 498A matters which every lawyer must possess.

    Register before 10th September, 2023


    Day I

    - Overview of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005

    - Analysis of Section 498A IPC

    - Kinds of cruelty

    - Latest Judgements on concept of cruelty

    - Provision for Muslim women

    - Live in relation and domestic violence

    Day II

    - Civil and Criminal Remedies available to a domestic violence victim

    - FIR u/s 498A and other connected sections

    - Drafting of Anticipatory bail of husband and relatives in Sessions Court

    - Drafting of Anticipatory bail application in HC

    - Grounds on which court can grant bail

    - Drafting of regular bail application of Husband and relatives in Sessions Court and Hight Court

    Day III

    - Drafting of writ/application for Quashing of FIR u/s 498A

    - Possibilities of quashing of FIR against husband and other relatives and related judgements

    - Drafting of Reply to the quashing petition

    - Grounds on Which court can quash FIR

    - Possibility of settlement in Quashing cases

    Day IV

    - How to handle a client of Domestic violence

    - Things to suggest to a domestic violence victim

    - Drafting of PWDVA application

    - Documents required for filing a case

    - E filing portal

    Day V

    - Importance of Evidence in PWDVA cases

    - tips for preparation of chief and cross examination

    - Medical evidence

    - Eye witness

    - Interested witness

    Day VI

    - Drafting of maitainence application in PWDVA cases

    - Drafting of interim maintenance application in PWDVA cases

    - things kept in mind by the court while awarding maintenance (From husband and wife’s side)

    - Can court grant maintenance if wife is working and husband is not working

    - Challenging the order of maintenance via criminal revision

    - provision of maintenance in Muslim law cases

    Day VII

    - Who is the appellate authority in PWDVA cases?

    - Drafting of an appeal to Sessions court in PWDVA cases

    - Drafting of petition challenging the order of PWDVA appeal

    - Remedy for husband if wife files False case on the husband and relatives


    1. Mr Alukik Shrivastava, Assistant Professor, Nirma University, Ahmedabad
    2. Adv Shashi Kiran, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India,
    3. Adv Naveen Chomal, Senior advocate, Bombay High Court,
    4. Adv Mandeep Singh Sachdev, Distrcit and Sessions Court, Jalandar,
    5. Adv S Thulasiram, High Court of Andhra Pradesh aand Telnagana

    Perks of Attending the course

    1. Learn the things which are never taught in any law school, internship or juniorship
    2. E certificate of completion and sample drafts
    3. Improvise your skills of litigation
    4. Pocket Friendly course
    5. Easy access on zoom
    6. Experienced guidance at your door step
    • Who can Attend?
    1. Students (UG and PG)
    2. Advocates
    3. Academicians
    4. Research Scholars
    • Registrations Fees:

    Rs 700/- only

    • Last Date of Registration:

    10th September, 2023

    • Registration Procedure:

    1. Send Rs 700/- on Gpay/paytym to 8999422426

    2. Fill form at

    3. Send screenshot of payment to 8999422426

    • Contact Details for any Queries


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