Juris Centre: 4-Week Online Internship Opportunity For Law Students In April 2024 [Apply By March 25]


1 March 2024 5:12 AM GMT

  • Juris Centre: 4-Week Online Internship Opportunity For Law Students In April 2024 [Apply By March 25]
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    Juris Centre is a comprehensive news analysis portal. It is a one-stop destination for lawyers, students, and other professionals to read and stay updated. They provide you with razor-sharp articles on legal, social, and policy-related issues of national and international importance.

    They are providing internship opportunities to law students and young professionals who are interested in building research capabilities, getting published, and editing. A 21st-century professional cannot survive without networking. These internships are the right platform to build strong professional connections from the comfort of your home.

    Legal Writing Internship


    The following persons are eligible:

    • Undergraduate and postgraduate law students.
    • Students pursuing Ph.D. programs in law.
    • Advocates and other professionals.


    • Internship certificate on successful completion.
    • Due credit for articles, i.e., publication along with name/designation of the author(s).
    • Top interns will be appointed as Editors.
    • Get recognized for your ideas.
    • Networking opportunities.

    Nature of Internship and Duties

    Primary Duty: Legal Research and Article Writing.

    • One topic will be allotted to you after the discussion. Your recommendation will be given preference.
    • You will start writing on your topic. You will send it to them from time to time for correction and recommendations until it is fit for publication.
    • This article will be published on their website along with your name and designation, giving you proper credit for your hard work.
    • Work will take 1-2 hours of your time per day. Weekends will be off.
    • Continuous support will be provided to interns.
    • Certificate(s) will be digitally issued on successful completion of an internship.


    It is a work-from-home (online) internship. All communication will be via email and WhatsApp only. A digital certificate(s) will be provided to candidates on successful completion of an internship.

    Number of Vacancies

    Six (6) interns are required.


    April internship shall commence on Monday 1st April and it will be concluded on 30th of April.

    Application Procedure

    Internship aspirants should send their CVs to Juris Centre via email.

    Email ID: info@juriscentre.com

    The subject of your email should be “Internship Application: April 2024”. If you wish to intern in any other month, kindly mention that month in the subject. Selected candidates will get a reply within 72 hours. They might not be able to reply to everyone due to the large number of applications. Kindly do not send repeated reminders about your application.

    Please note that selected candidates will be required to pay a small registration fee of INR 349 that goes towards guidance provided to them and maintenance of the website.

    Contact Juris Centre

    For any queries, please feel free to contact Juris Centre.

    E-mail: info@juriscentre.com

    WhatsApp: +(91) 9667817179

    Please do not call on the WhatsApp number.

    Visit the website.

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