Legal Zems: 22nd Batch Of Online Internship Cum Training Programme 2024 Batch-22nd [21st April To 21st May]


22 March 2024 6:56 AM GMT

  • Legal Zems: 22nd Batch Of Online Internship Cum Training Programme 2024 Batch-22nd [21st April To 21st May]
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    Legal Zems, a distinguished litigation-focused law firm, boasts a rich legacy of over Four years in the legal arena. We are pleased to announce the commencement of our 22nd Batch of Online Internship cum Training Program 2024.

    This unique opportunity offers a comprehensive 30 days Online Internship Cum Training Program, where interns will have the chance to delve into the world of legal practice. This Internship will equip interns with invaluable skills in real court drafting's.

    Join us at Legal Zems to embark on an enriching journey that combines practical experience. Elevate your legal skills and knowledge as you learn from seasoned professionals in the field. We invite passionate individuals to seize this opportunity and make a mark in the legal world with us.Top of Form


    1. We will offer the live classes to enhance the drafting skills. Upon successful registration, you will receive a schedule detailing the class timings. Our classes are conveniently scheduled for late evenings, starting at 08:00 PM and extending onwards.
    2. In these live sessions, we aim to provide you with valuable resources to bolster your drafting proficiency.
    3. We will furnish you with drafting samples along with practice exercises to serve as practical examples and Modules to aid your understanding of the subject matter.
    4. Our comprehensive curriculum includes instruction on 20 real court drafting's. This hands-on experience will not only improve your skills but also provide you with valuable insights into the world of legal drafting. We are committed to supporting your growth in this field.


    1. Cancellation of Bailable and Non- Bailable warrants
    2. Criminal Complaint
    3. Eviction Application
    4. Bail Application
    5. Cost Waiver off Application
    6. Superdari Application
    7. Condonation of Delay
    8. Application under Section 156(3) Cr.PC
    9. Preponement Application
    10. Recovery Suit
    11. Execution Petition
    12. Exemption Application
    13. Legal Notice
    14. Succession Certificate
    15. Complaint under Section 138 N.I. Act
    16. Gift Deed
    17. Will Deed
    18. Promissory Note
    19. Caveat Application
    20. Copyright Deed


    1. We will offer personalized one-on-one mentorship and guidance throughout the program.
    2. In Case of any doubts or queries arise; Students are encouraged to reach out to their assigned mentors via email.
    3. At the conclusion of the online Internship Programme, Students will be required to take a qualifying examination. This examination will be objective in nature, and the grades obtained will be reflected on their respective certificates.
    1. Certificate of Internship shall be provided to the students.


    1. Completion of Internship Programme and Qualifying Examination: The issuance of certificates will be contingent upon the successful completion of a 30 days Internship, accompanied by the successful completion of a qualifying examination. Students are required to diligently complete all assignments assigned by their mentor during this tenure.

    2. Non-Refundable Registration Fee: Please be advised that the registration fee is non-refundable. Once the fee has been submitted, it cannot be returned under any circumstances.

    3. Timely Assignments Submission: Interns are expected to adhere to deadlines for assignment submissions. It is imperative that all assignments are submitted on or before the specified deadline to maintain the integrity of the internship program.

    4. Communication Protocol: All communication between interns and mentors is to be conducted exclusively through email or WhatsApp. These channels will serve as the primary means of correspondence throughout the duration of the internship, ensuring effective and efficient communication between all parties involved.Top of Form


    Registration Fee: - Rs. 1499/-

    HOLI OFFER, Registration Fee: Rs. 1299/-

    (HOLI OFFER is valid till 26th March 2024).

    Mode of Payment: - Phone Pe/ Google Pay/ Paytm

    Name & Number for the Payment: - 9891348721 (Prashant Kumar or Prashant Mishra)

    Note: - Kindly take the screenshot of the payment for future reference.

    Registration Form Link: -


    The registration deadline for Batch-22nd is 20th April 2024. We currently have a total of 20 slots available in the batch, but please note that the number of slots may be increased based on further availability. Registration will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

    CONCERNED AUTHORITY: Adv. Prashant Mishra: - WhatsApp & Calling Number:- 8376951009/9891348721



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