2020 LSAT-India To Be Conducted Online

Aasavri Rai

7 May 2020 5:52 PM GMT

  • 2020 LSAT-India To Be Conducted Online

    The Law School Admission Council™ (LSAC®), creator of the LSAT—India™, has announced plans to administer the 2020 LSAT—India online.

    This is the first time that the test will be conducted online, to provide a secure and timely testing opportunity for candidates despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The move from a paper and pencil test to an online administration will enable candidates to take the test from the safety and convenience of their homes or a location of their choice.

    Dates: Candidates seeking admission to law schools in the country will be able to take the LSAT—India starting the week of June 14, using an online test delivery system with artificial intelligence-assisted remote proctoring to ensure the integrity and validity of the test. The paper-and-pencil LSAT—India exam was originally scheduled for June 7; the online LSAT—India will begin a week later to allow for the transition to online testing.

    Mode of Delivery: LSAC will implement a rigorous data forensics programme to ensure the integrity of the remotely proctored test. The remotely proctored online LSAT—India will require candidates to complete a virtual check-in process, which includes enhanced identification and authentication procedures. After successful identity validation, the candidate will be approved to take the test using a secured browser. Every candidate's test will be proctored remotely using AI-assisted technology and the candidate's entire examination will be recorded via the computer's web camera. If misconduct of any kind is detected, then the exam will be invalidated.

    To register and download the study material, click here.

    A list of law schools affiliated with LSAC can be found here.

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