Woxsen University Law School: Admission, Scholarships, Moot Courts & More


1 May 2024 8:10 AM GMT

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    The School of Law at Woxsen University, Hyderabad is for those budding legal aspirants who want to make a profound difference in the legal profession. The Bar Council Of India accredited programs: BA-LLB (Hons.) and BBA-LLB (Hons.) offer students a chance to hone specific skills highly sought across legal firms and the legal industry at large.

    Woxsen University boasts a highly regarded Moot Court facility, inaugurated by the Chairman of Telangana's Bar Council. Woxsen's Moot Court, mentored by the top lawyers from various jurisdictions including Australia, the US & the UK, offers permanent membership to its students. Students receive mentorship from leading international lawyers across diverse jurisdictions, tackling mooting propositions that focus on pressing global issues. Personalized training by experienced professionals and professors further hone their skills, while special lectures prepare them for national and international competitions.

    Admission Process for BA-LLB (Hons)/ BBA-LLB (Hons.)

    The 3-Step Admission Process For Woxsen University:

    1. Apply for the Woxsen Law Aptitude Test (WLAT) or Submit CLAT/LSAT/SAT/Any State Law Entrance Score
    2. Complete the Psychometric Test
    3. Give your Personal Interview Round

    CUET Early Action Scholarship

    As a University, Woxsen believes in rewarding student talent for their academic and extracurricular achievements. Applicants to the Law programs can Earn up to 50% Merit Scholarship + an Additional 5% Merit Scholarship with CUET Early Action Round.

    You can appear for the Woxsen Law Aptitude Test (WLAT) and submit your CUET UG 2024 Score Later. Woxsen University takes the best of the TWO Scores to offer the Scholarship. Start your application process here

    In addition to this, students with exceptional achievements in Sports are awarded a Sports Scholarship that can go up to 1 Lakh.

    International Student Exchange Opportunities

    Students at Woxsen School of Law are allowed to opt for the International Student Exchange Program, on fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Students edu-travel across the USA, UK, Russia, Indonesia, Spain, and other 25+ countries. These experiences help them understand the legal landscape of other countries and help them build a global perspective.

    For aspiring legal minds seeking a well-rounded education, Woxsen University School of Law offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Through its BA-LLB (Hons.) and BBA-LLB (Hons.) programs, students gain a strong foundation in legal studies, sharpened by a multidisciplinary approach and international exposure. Renowned faculty, a dedicated moot court, and internship opportunities equip graduates with the skills and confidence to excel in the legal industry. The CUET Early Action Round Scholarship further supports talented students, while career guidance ensures a smooth transition into the legal world.

    For more details, refer to the Brochure.

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