GNLU's Centre for Law and Society Assists Authorities In Bringing Back Migrant Workers Stranded In Maharashtra To Their Homes In Madhya Pradesh


23 May 2020 7:08 AM GMT

  • The GNLU Law Review

    The GNLU Law Review

    The Centre for Law and Society (GCLS) of the Gujarat National Law University is taking crucial steps to safeguard the rights of migrant workers stranded in Maharashtra, due to the nation-wide lockdown.

    GCLS, in collaboration with the Zenth Legal Aid Clinic is ensuring that the stranded labours have access to food, shelter, and medical facilities. They are also helping the workers in getting the passes/ tokens, necessary for travelling back home.

    A team of over 100 volunteers is working towards this end, in close coordination with government authorities as well as various non-governmental authorities in the States of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

    So far, the team has established contact with over 6000 workers from Madhya Pradesh who were stranded in Maharashtra and has ensured that none of them face any problem regarding food and shelter. The team also worked with the Government of Madhya Pradesh and ensured that trains were made available for the safe return of most of them. The volunteers remained in constant touch with the workers throughout their journey to ensure the availability of food as well as transportation from the railway stations to their villages.

    The assistance program entails the following:

    • Providing train information to migrant workers and assisting them to reach their village from railway station;
    • Assisting migrant workers in registering for shramik trains;
    • Connecting with government authorities for assisting migrant workers receive food/ration;
    • Connecting with NGOs/individual donors for assisting migrant workers receive food/ration;
    • Using social media to provide ration;
    • Saving workers from abuse of employer.

    Mr. Abhay Jain from Zenith Legal Aid Clinic; and Mr. Abhishek Vyas, Mr. Shashwat Shrivastava, Ms. Aayushi Jain, Mr. Chinmay Mehta, Mr. Dushyant Thakur, and Ms. Disha Devadas from GCLS have been coordinating this project smoothly.

    About GCLS

    The GCLS carries out its tasks through two wings:

    1) Legal Services Committee that acts as a 'community legal clinic' and focuses on, inter alia, the deprivation of government benefits, eviction and issues of domestic violence;

    2) Law & Society Wing that functions as a focal point for socio-legal research, facilitating interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research and study on law and society, and law and legal institutions.

    The success stories from the assistance program may be read in the attachment below.

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