HNLU: Online International Conference On Human Rights In The Contemporary World - Prospects And Challenge


14 Dec 2023 7:23 AM GMT

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    The day Online International Conference on Human Rights in the Contemporary World - Prospects and Challenges organized by the Centre for Law and Human Rights & Centre for Law and Economics jointly under the School ofLaw and Humanities on 10th December 2023 had several paper presentations in six parallel sessions and concluded successfully.

    The event brought together a diverse array of research paper presenters, including leading academicians, scholars, and activists, who engaged in insightful discussions, shared expertise, and forged connections to drive positive change.

    The Inaugural session had Prof Ranbir Singh, Pro Vice Chancellor of IILMUniversity and former Vice Chancellor of NLU Delhi and NALSAR Hyderabad delivering a keynote address as the Chief Guest. In his address, he highlighted the importance of Human rights and the challenges in the contemporary world in the backdrop of emerging technology shifts like Artificial Intelligence, the Erosion of Privacy Rights, and the Rise of authoritarianism. He also spoke about environmental issues related to health and water due to climate change and also suggested Corporate Social Responsibilities to mitigate such issues.

    The Valedictory session had Prof Venkata Rao, Vice Chancellor of the India International University of Legal Education and Research, Goa, and former Vice Chancellor of National Law University, Bangalore as the Chief Guest. In his illuminating address, he outlined the historical significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights since its inception and widening arenas of Human Rights with thematic developments and their application throughout till date. He reiterated the significance of the current theme “Human rights are for Humans”.

    Prof. Vivekanandan, Vice Chancellor of HNLU participated in both the opening and valediction sessions and spoke about the rising concerns of erosion of the Human Rights values which have been built assiduously in the past seven decades and emphasized that Academia has a great role in defending, preserve and cherish the Human Rights of the Nation and World at large.

    The conference served as a nexus for international collaboration, with participants expressing a commitment to working together to address the complex, interconnected issues facing the global community.

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