HNLU Launches Lex Osmose Online Courses

Aasavri Rai

21 Jun 2020 6:00 AM GMT

  • HNLU Launches Lex Osmose Online Courses

    The Lex Osmose programme is a series of customized single and double credit courses which are optional for the under graduate and post graduate programmes and are outside the CGPA calculation.

    The Lex Osmose in its Phase I (June – December 2020) will offer single credit courses to students on various interfaces of law with social sciences, humanities and pure sciences apart from law subjects. Launching the new programme, the Vice-Chancellor of HNLU, Prof Vivekanandan said that Lex Osmose signifies the permeation of various branches of knowledge with law to be offered by domain professionals from academia, legal practice, public policy enthusiasts, science and technology professionals to the students of HNLU. He also added that the future phases of the programme will also admit desiring students from other law schools based on select admission criteria.

    Each of the well designed and customized programme to supplement the regular curriculum with the emerging interfaces of law can be opted by the students. The programme is to have a minimum of 20 enrollments and a maximum of 50 students. The course will also have few slots for teachers who desire to enroll for the same. Lex Osmose will be conducted online and also by physical mode (when the University reopens after the pandemic subsides) and is free of cost to students.

    The first phase of the programme is offering the following courses:

    • Advanced Course on Patents
    • Technology and Law
    • Communication in Courts
    • Framing Legal Issues in Suits and Arbitration

    This phase has single credit courses with a duration of 16 hours and a customized evaluation and attendance requirement leading to the certification.

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