NLIU's Legal Aid Clinic Conducts RTI Awareness Session At DPS Bhopal

aasavri Rai

3 Sep 2019 11:13 AM GMT

  • NLIUs Legal Aid Clinic Conducts RTI Awareness Session At DPS Bhopal

    The Legal Aid Clinic of the National Law Institute University has kick-started its #TheLegalLiterate initiative, under which it aims to educate the public with regard to developments in the legal field.

    The Legal Aid Clinic, through social media, aims to update the public about legal developments through snippets, which put forward the aforesaid updates in one-liners to make it easily comprehendible for the public. In addition to this, the Legal Aid Clinic publishes short stories, with underlying legal values as moral values and put forward legal aspects concerning the basic spheres surrounding the day to day life of an individual.

    On 29th August, the Legal Aid Clinic conducted its first workshop at Delhi Public School, Bhopal, on Right to Information, in which students were made aware of what RTI is, why and when should one resort to filing an RTI and the procedure involved in filing an RTI.

    The session was a fruitful one and the students of DPS Bhopal were well acquainted with the principles and procedures involved in the filing of an RTI in India and the Legal Aid Clinic succeeded in its aim of making the students legally literate with regard to filing an RTI.

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