NUSRL Ranchi Receives Prestigious Green University Award 2023 At COP28, UAE


28 Dec 2023 6:26 AM GMT

  • NUSRL Ranchi Receives Prestigious Green University Award 2023 At COP28, UAE

    From left to right : Dr. Ashok R. Patil (VC,NUSRL) Kinshuk Sharma (Student Convener,CDC) and Dr. Julian Seal Pasari (Faculty Convener, CDC) holding the Green University Award

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    NUSRL Ranchi's Sustainability Initiatives Earn Global Recognition with the Green University Award at COP 28,UAE.

    The National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi (NUSRL), has emerged as a front-runner for the coveted COP28 Green University Award, 2023, UAE, showcasing exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication to cultivating green education spaces and advancing sustainable teaching-learning practices. The award, a distinguished initiative by Green Mentors—the Greening Education Partner of UNESCO with special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC—was presented to NUSRL in absentia on December 1, 2023, during the Green School for Every Child event hosted at the 28th Annual United Nations Climate Meeting in Dubai, UAE.

    In acknowledging the award, Dr. Julian Seal Pasari ,the Convener of the Campus Development Committee at NUSRL emphasized, “This achievement represents a noteworthy milestone in NUSRL's journey towards environmental stewardship. It is the outcome of dedication, commitment, and thorough groundwork of the entire NUSRL community through diverse activities conducted under the guidance and support of the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ashok R Patil.”

    In a continued commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices, NUSRL has implemented a comprehensive sustainability agenda across its academic and operational domains. The University integrates sustainability into its academic approach, offering a diverse curriculum with a focus on environmental law. Through a transition to digital resources, including soft copies and an online attendance system, NUSRL significantly reduces paper consumption and streamlines administrative processes. The community-centric programs of the University engage local herding communities for grass cutting on its campus and utilize cattle excreta as organic manure. The celebration of Sarhul, an indigenous festival venerating nature, showcases cultural integration with environmental consciousness. Infrastructure-wise, NUSRL has installed a 100 KWP solar panel, established seven water harvesting plants, and organized plantation drives demonstrating commitment to renewable energy, biodiversity, and responsible water management. The field visit to Ara Keram Village, Oramanjhi Tehsil in Ranchi, which concentrated on the decline in groundwater levels and its impact on the community is a prime example of proactive climate action move. The visit was part of a broader initiative where the University explored various aspects, including education, village economy, health, and sanitation to contribute to the holistic development of these communities.

    NUSRL envisions a future where eco-consciousness and community engagement are integral to academic excellence, shaping future leaders committed to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

    For more information on NUSRL Ranchi's commitment to sustainability, please visit [].

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