RV University School Of Law Signs MoU With Seattle University School Of Law; 50% Tuition Scholarships For 5 RVU Students Announced


17 March 2023 5:32 AM GMT

  • RV University School Of Law Signs MoU With Seattle University School Of Law; 50% Tuition Scholarships For 5 RVU Students Announced

    India’s RV University (RVU), which offers new-age liberal education, has signed a landmark agreement of collaboration with Seattle University (SU) in U.S.A. The agreement enables law students from RVU to pursue higher legal studies at the Seattle university School of Law and aspire to become a part of a global work force.

    Two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) to this effect were signed between Prof. Y.S.R. Murthy, Vice-Chancellor, RV University, Prof. Eduardo M. Peñalver, President, Seattle University and Prof. Anthony Varona, Dean, School of Law, Seattle University recently. One MoU provides for partnership in LL.M. programme while the other agreement provides for accelerated LL.M. Both MoUs seek to facilitate student exchange, faculty exchange, joint research, opportunities to attend conferences, lectures, and seminars, joint publishing projects and library exchanges.

    Under the MoU, two joint programmes will be offered to the students of RVU. One is the LL.M. pathway programme, which is a dual degree programme. Students enrolled in the five-year integrated law programme at RVU will be able to obtain an undergraduate degree in law from RVU and an LL.M. degree from Seattle School of Law in their chosen area of specialization within a span of 5 years. In addition, five students from RV University will be awarded a 50% scholarship to pursue these joint programmes.

    The second agreement is for a student enrolled in the LL.M. programme at RVU. The student will have the opportunity to pursue a second LL.M. degree from Seattle University. At the end of two years, the student can get two LL.M. degrees, one from RV University and another one from Seattle University.

    As recognition of special partnership with RVU, Seattle University has offered a 50% tuition scholarship for five students. The total tuition is approximately $44,000 at Seattle University for 24 credits. With the scholarship, tuition would be only around $22,000.

    Seattle University has vibrant institutions to support students from India. Prof. Sital Kalantry, Associate Dean, School of Law, SU founded the only Center on Indian Law in any law school in the United States, Recognizing that the U.S. legal academy does not adequately study and learn from the Indian legal system, this center on Indian Law seeks to bridge this critical gap.

    The joint programmes will also provide students with valuable international experience, exposure and knowledge that will further assist them in building their future careers.

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