Indian Mediation Week: Campaign Through The Mediation Awareness Program Initiative By SAMA [Apply Now]


29 July 2023 5:18 AM GMT

  • Indian Mediation Week: Campaign Through The Mediation Awareness Program Initiative By SAMA  [Apply Now]
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    Indian Mediation Week is the largest student-led campaign in India aimed at promoting access to justice, through the Mediation Awareness Program Initiative (MAP Initiative), IMW has organized numerous drives across various cities in India, directly engaging with hundreds of thousands of people and sensitizing over five million individuals nationwide.

    In a country, where the majority of the population is unaware of mediation as a dispute resolution mechanism and where more than 5 crore cases are pending across all the courts. Will it be feasible for anyone to get justice before it’s too late?

    India, as a developing nation, will never want to compromise on the mechanisms of resolving conflicts. Other developed countries and their citizens have already adopted Mediation and Arbitration as the very first resort for resolving conflicts and going to court is now becoming the last resort. Recent Supreme Court judgements show a Pro-Mediation approach of the apex Court, several remarks have been made, and multiple efforts are being taken by the Government Of India, including the launching of several services through which disputes can be resolved efficiently. IMW’s primary objective is to mainly raise awareness. In the past, there have been over 200 Ambassadors reaching out to over 1.5 million people. The progress and success of the event have inspired the organization to host the latest edition, IMW'23.


    Student Ambassadors play a crucial role in the IMW campaign, leading the movement by spreading awareness about mediation in their respective cities. These ambassadors are expected to be dedicated, mindful, and connected to the cause as they assume leadership roles.

    Indian Mediation Week is an initiative of SAMA, which originated from a group of students at West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS) in Kolkata and has now become a national movement for Access to Justice. The campaign in the past has been supported by the Ministry of Law & Justice, Government of India, Retd. SC Justice Madan Lokur, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog.

    What is a drive?

    A mediation awareness drive involves direct engagement with the general public, where student ambassadors along with their volunteers, educate people about the ADR process. These drives are typically conducted by student volunteers from colleges who adhere to the guidelines provided.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility criteria for student ambassadors include being a law student (in any law course) with a passion for ADR and improving access to justice in India. The primary responsibility of student ambassadors is to organize mediation awareness activities, such as mediation awareness drives and creative events, in their respective cities. For more detailed information.


    To apply for the position of student ambassador, apply here.

    Information regarding rewards, felicitation, deadlines, and contact details will be updated on the website.


    Divyesh Rao – 9670789928

    Ananya Singh - 9643052887

    Nisha Bhasker - 7827846313

    Pritesh Kumar - 700472824

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