ICFAI Law School's Webinar: Law And Correctional Administration In India Amidst COVID-19' [15th June]

Aasavri Rai

12 Jun 2020 10:20 AM GMT

  • ICFAI Law Schools Webinar: Law And Correctional Administration In India Amidst COVID-19 [15th June]

    ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad is organizing a webinar on 'Law and Correctional Administration in India amidst COVID-19'.

    Date: June 15, 2020

    Time: 17:00 - 19:00

    Platform: Cisco Webex Training Software


    1. Dr. Upneet Lalli, Deputy Director, Institute of Correctional Administration, Chandigarh
    2. Dr. M. R. Ahmed, former Inspector General of Prisons, Andhra Pradesh and Director of APCA, Vellore
    3. Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma, Additional Vice-Principal, Punjab Jail Training School, Patiala

    Correctional administration, like all other wings of the criminal justice system, is inevitably facing the wrath of the pandemic globally. Owing to overcrowding in most prisons, novel challenges are staring at the stakeholders in charge of managing such institutions. India is no exception. Some states have taken measures to reduce overcrowding in order to make prisons more sustainable for social distancing processes. Nevertheless, the perplexities of prison administration remain undiluted. This webinar is an attempt to discuss the legal and administrative challenges faced by the existing justice delivery and correctional system in the advent of COVID-19.

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