Lawsisto: Paid Research Project Opportunity

manav malhotra

27 Oct 2017 3:59 PM GMT

  • Lawsisto: Paid Research Project Opportunity

    Lawsisto is India's end to end legal assistant catering to Lawyers, Clients, Law Students and Law Schools. The idea is to club all legal requirements under one name. Lawsisto presents the future of legal assistance in India- a future that combines technology with convention.

    About Lawsisto Online Courses:

    • Lawsisto aims at providing quality legal resources and understands the need for courses specifically in contemporary regions of Law. In furtherance of the same, Lawsisto is introducing a wide variety of legal courses for students, academicians and lawyers- basically anyone who wishes to gain specialized and specific knowledge in a particular legal area.

    • Lawsisto believes in developing a basic conceptual understanding of the law rather than mugging up things. The idea is to present courses in innovative ways and allow the course takers to extract exactly what they need.

    Courses Varieties:

    1)      Beginner Courses:

    • The beginner courses are small courses for people who want a basic understanding of the subject. Beginner courses are short term and generally benefit people who need the knowledge for a specific situation or for a specific problem. However, the material of the course is comprehensive enough to provide at-least a feather touch to all facets of the topic.

    2)      Advanced Courses:

    • The Advanced Courses are comparatively large in volume and are good for an in-depth understanding of the subject. Advanced courses shall be available only in subjects that require a more comprehensive knowledge. The Courses are designed so as to provide a deep understanding of the subject and is ideal for people who are inquisitive in nature. Also, for someone who wants specialized expert level knowledge on the subject, these courses are ideal.

    Work Profile:

    The work of course developers shall be to prepare the course material with indexing as per the guidelines provided. The Course materials shall include worksheets and questionnaires. After preparing the material, the Course Developer shall submit it to Lawsisto Review Committee. The Course Developer will have to make the changes suggested by the Committee and ensure that our quality standards are met with. After the final review and acceptance by the review committee, Lawsisto shall be paying the stipend for that course.

    Since Lawsisto aims at high quality in our courses, any Course Developer cannot, in any case, enter into simultaneous contract for more than 3 courses.

    Who can apply?

    The Applicants must possess either of the following qualifications:

    • The Applicant must be a student pursuing Ph.D. in Law from any of the Universities recognized by the Bar Council of India, OR

    • The Applicant must be a faculty member in Law genre in any of the Universities recognized by the Bar Council of India, OR

    • In some exceptional circumstances, students pursuing LLM from any of the Universities recognized by the Bar Council of India may also be selected for the work if they have the required zeal and enthusiasm.

    What you get?

    • Experience

    • Stipend per Course Material (Negotiable)

    • Work closely with the Lawsisto team to gain world-class exposure

    • Certificate

    Duration: As per the terms of the contract

    Stipend: On project basis- as per the terms of the contract

    Application Procedure:

    Candidates who meet the qualifications can send an expression of interest with their resume attached at

    For any further details, email at or contact at 8651546886 (Akanksha Singh)

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