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Lawyers Lucky,Get Their Tea-Coffee Break, We Don’t : Justice Chandrachud

“You are lucky…you can go on a coffee break but we cannot.In Bombay High Court in one of the courtroom the aroma of tea and coffee wafts through the air and it was very difficult for us to resist it”, Justice D Y Chandrachud

———Sudden 10 minute break by judges in the midst of high-voltage judge Loya case hearing and some courtroom banter that followed———-

Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi had just begun his arguments on behalf of the Maharashtra government questioning the credentials of the Public Interest Litigation petitioners in judge Loya “mysterious death” case.

25 minutes into it, when the inquisitiveness on what the line of argument of Maharashtra government was just building up, court ushers trooped in to raise Chief Justice Dipak Misra, A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud.

All in the courtroom packed with large number of lawyers related to the matter, others advocates following the case and the media was surprised as to what had happened suddenly.

While getting up,  Justice Chandrachud said “we are just taking a ten minute break”, Chief Justice Misra nodded in approval.

The judges return after the ten minute break.

Justice Chandrachud thank the advocates representing the parties in the case for being “so accommodative”.

Advocate Dushyant Dave says “Even we go for a coffee break.”

Justice Chandrachud then says: You lawyers are lucky  you can go on a coffee break but we cannot. In Bombay High Court in one of the court the aroma of tea and coffee wafts through the air and it was very difficult for us to resist.”

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