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Should We Legalise Sex Workers In India ?

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  • Aditi khandal says:

    No, as India always been a country with its own traditions ,customs, preferences to every religion, culture and society , it will shake the basic foundation in which our ideology rests, and as we banned certain practices and took bold decisions like child marriage ,widow remarriage etc. We shouldn’t allow such practices which will further give birth to new connundrums.

  • Ak says:

    the sex working should not be legalised.
    1. no doubt the practice is very ancient but no practice should be legalised on the grounds that the practice is a custom or ancient, because if this was the reason then even Sati and Dowry practice should be legalised.

    2. any practice or profession which will harm the cultural fabric of customs, principles or traditions practiced in t our cultural diverse country.

  • Prashant Kumar Chauhan says:

    Yes, It should be legalise.

  • Tarun Anand says:

    Yes, it should be legalized. It is because it will decrease the graph of women exploitation, eve-teasing and rape. As we all know that, this practice is being done from the ancient times.

  • Dharmesh Kumar says:

    I fully support this movement to legalize this as this one of the ancient profession that still going on A large no of women gets employment and livlihood.

  • pradeep says:

    yes, why not??? legalizing sex workers will reduce the exploitation of women by many middlemen involved. Most important benefit will be the opportunity to the woman to come out of this profession at her will. Ultimate reason of exploitation of women in this profession is – once she falls in or is thrown in by force or deceit, she can not come out of it and can not change her life.

  • parmesh golechha says:

    The knowledge over this profession and the needs of the people involved in it should reach each and every citizen to legalize it and is there not any other solution be possible for this problem other than legalizing it ?

  • ramkhil says:

    yes because anceint days there was legally work that do not hurt society and worker it is naturally work.