LexQuest Online Certificate Course on Research Methodology

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5 April 2018 5:01 PM GMT

  • LexQuest Online Certificate Course on Research Methodology

    LexQuest is pleased to bring to you the first of its kind, Online Certificate Course on Research Methodology, which aims to make the student community, the professionals and the general public aware and well versed with the varied methods of Research, in the most comprehensible manner. Nowadays, Research is ubiquitous and an essential feature for disciplines such as law, public policy, language, literature, history and sociology, to name a few. Whatever might be the subject, research has to be an active, diligent and systematic process of inquiry in order to discover, interpret or revise facts, events, behaviours and theories. This course is designed to introduce the candidates to the concepts of Research Methodology, in the period of two months, thereby easing them into the process of Academic and Non-Academic Writing.

    Duration of the Course: 2 Months. You can enroll for the Course and let us know the date from which you wish to begin. We understand your Academic and Work Engagements and have thus adopted this model, for your convenience.

    Course Outline: Click here to access the Course Outline.

    About the Exam: The candidates will need to work on 4 assignments during the 2 months, on the basis of which they will be evaluated.

    Who can apply?

    Anyone and everyone interested in learning something new, while at the same time aiming towards building their CV, should opt for this course. This course will act as a catalyst in taking your career in the “right direction”, i.e., the direction which you choose for it to take.

    Registration Fees: A meagre Rs 2500.

    You can register for the course by clicking on this link.

    Special Discount Offer: Flat 10% discount to the people who have been associated with us either through internships, competitions or courses. Send an email to courses.lexquest@gmail.com for the discount coupon.

    For any queries, contact:

    Email ID: courses.lexquest@gmail.com

    Contact Number: +91-8448922751

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