Make Police Helpline Number '100' In Alwar Functional: Petition In Rajasthan HC [Read Petition]

Make Police Helpline Number

A Petition has been filed before the Rajasthan High Court, demanding a direction to the authorities to make emergency helpline number- 100 functional in Alwar, Rajasthan.

The Petition, filed by one Mr. Ravi Saini through Advocate Aditya Jain, relies on the Supreme Court decision in the case of Prakash Singh & Ors. v. Union of India and Ors., wherein the Apex Court had issued several binding directions on police reforms. It now contends that non-functioning of the emergency number is a violation of the guidelines issued in that case.

It further refers to Section 29 of the Rajasthan Police Act, 2007, which lists down the functions, duties, and responsibilities of police officers. Maintaining a functional emergency number, it said, formed a part of such duties to "enforce the law, and to protect life, liberty, property rights, dignity and human rights of the people".

It, therefore contends, "It is incumbent upon the Police Authorities to maintain such means so that citizen could easily and effectively communicate with it. Emergency Number '100' is one such means of easy and effective communication."

As per the Petition, Mr. Saini wanted to report two separate instances- one of illegal mining and another of eve teasing- but he could not because the emergency number was not functional. He then filed an application under the Right to Information Act, 2005 before the PIO, Office of Superintendent of Police, Alwar, demanding the status of the emergency helpline number. In response, he was informed that the number has not been working since January 2017.

He now demands a direction to the authorities to make the number functional and asserts, "That in view of the submission made above and documents annexed, it is evident that despite numerous reminders, Police helpline Number 100 of Alwar is not functional for more than an year now. Police authorities are duty bound to provide better, effective and easy mode of communication to provide safety and security as guaranteed under the Constitution of India."

The Petition further demands that the people of Alwar be informed about the number being functional through print and audio-visual media.

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