Mediation Workshop Held for Nirma University Students by Firdosh S Karanchiwala

aasavri Rai

4 Feb 2018 12:25 PM GMT

  • Mediation Workshop Held for Nirma University Students by Firdosh S Karanchiwala

    Institute of Law, Nirma University, organized a mediation training workshop for its students of 4th year from 29th to 31st January, wherein they were trained in the art of conducting a relatively new form of Alternate Dispute Resolution, i.e. Mediation. The workshop was conducted by Firdosh S Kassam Karanchiwala of the Supreme Court Committee on Mediation.

    Karanchiwala informed the students about the intricacies of the art of mediation and explained to them the different way through which a mediator can try to resolve conflict between two parties. He also enlightened them about multiple techniques of mediation. He continuously stressed on the fact that the mediator should always be sensitive, sensible, open to both parties, should never be biased and be patient. Comparing mediator with Lord Ganesha, he said a mediator should have sharp ears, keen eyes, a sharp brain and ability to keep the secrets of both the parties inside. He also cited different cases from his own experience of 40 years in mediation where he gave different scenarios where mediation proved better than convention dispute resolution systems.

    He stated that given the backlog of cases in our justice delivery system, it is high time that we start exploring different alternate avenues of dispute resolution. Even if there are no new cases filed in the courts from now on, it will take 100 years to clear the backlog of cases that have been piled up given our current pace of justice delivery. Hence, it becomes pertinent that other methods of dispute resolution should be promoted and worked upon. Citing the example of the US, he stated that the magnificence of their court system is that 90% of the disputes are resolved through arbitration or mediation only. Thereby reducing the pressure on courts to a large extent. He said the same model should be adopted in India.

    In the end, the students were made to participate in a mock mediation session where they played the role of mediators, client, and counsel and tried to resolve some hypothetical problems given to them. Director and Dean Prof Purvi Pokharial thanked Karanchiwala for his valuable time and the knowledge that he imparted to the students of ILNU.

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