Meet Akash Jain, CLAT Topper 2015

Gaurav Pathak

4 Jun 2015 10:15 AM GMT

  • Meet Akash Jain, CLAT Topper 2015

    LiveLaw:  Who do you attribute your success to?

    Akash Jain: First of all I would like to attribute my success to God for showering his choicest blessings on me, my parents from whom I always derived inspiration, my mentors for their constant support and motivation and friends who always inspired me to perform better.

    LiveLaw: Please elaborate on your strategy to crack CLAT, 2015?

    Akash Jain: I used to give as many tests as possible. Then I analysed them properly to identify my weak points and worked on them. I would discuss the doubts with my teachers and peers cleared them. I used to study regularly for atleast about 6 hours. With regular hard work and dedication I achieved my dream.

    LiveLaw:  Which was the toughest area for you while you were preparing for CLAT?

    Akash Jain: The toughest area I found was, to cover general studies thoroughly and English portion. I used to practice them a lot.

    LiveLaw: What difference did you find in the question paper of CLAT 2014 and CLAT 2015?

    Akash Jain: CLAT 2015 and CLAT 2014 were poles apart from each other. English portion this year was very different from last year. This year's G.K. mainly consisted of current affairs. In mathematics, this year a majority of questions were from algebra and number system. The difficulty level of this year's paper was higher from last year.

    LiveLaw: CLAT was online this year. Did you face any hurdle because of that or is online exam more convenient? 

    Akash Jain: For me online exam had both advantages and disadvantages. Solving logical reasoning and mathematics was a bit time consuming than solving on paper. But solving G.K. and legal reasoning was very easy. It was possible for us to change answers. On the whole I found this year's exam more convenient. 

    LiveLaw: Which, according to you, was the toughest and easiest section in the CLAT examination? 

    Akash Jain: It depends from person to person. As a whole no subject can be said toughest or easiest.

    LiveLaw: What was your strategy when you were solving the paper? From which subject did you start solving the paper? What was your time allotment for each subject?

    Akash Jain: Firstly I took a quick glimpse of paper. After having a look on all the questions I allotted time for all the sections. First section I attempted was G.K. for which I allotted about 8 minutes. Then I solved Mathematics for which I gave about 15 minutes as I found few questions tough. I gave about 25 minutes for logical reasoning, 30 minutes for legal and 25 minutes for English.

    LiveLaw: While preparing for CLAT, how did you allot the timings so that you would focus on all the subjects?

    Akash Jain:  I practiced mathematics and logical reasoning about an hour each. I dedicated most of my study time to G.K. and about an hour to English. I tried to give full length tests as much as possible. I would then analyze them, note down my mistakes and doubts and discuss them with teachers.

    LiveLaw: Was there a moment when you felt demotivated? If yes, how did you overcome it and climb your way to success?

    Akash Jain: No such moment.

    LiveLaw: What advice would you like to give to future CLAT aspirants?

    Akash Jain: Have faith in your preparation. Work smartly. Concentrate on your weak points and try to make them your strong points. Solve previous years papers. Work hard but always find some leisure time and party time with your friends.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    We wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors.

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