National Seminar on E- Governance, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security and Cyber Laws: Contemporary Issues & Challenges

Nikita Hora

8 April 2016 12:50 PM GMT

  • National Seminar on E- Governance, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security and Cyber Laws: Contemporary Issues & Challenges

    The Department of Law, North Eastern Hill University in association with  North Eastern Council, Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Government of India is organizing National Seminar and called for papers on E-Governance, Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws : Contemporary Issues and Challenges. The seminar intends to provide a space for discussions on the important cyber security issues in the presence of scholars, researchers and other interested persons. The students will also get knowledge on the important provisions of cyber laws with special emphasis on cyber crimes.


    1. Submission of Full Paper with abstract - 15 April 2016
    2. Notification of Acceptance of Paper - 20April 2016
    3. Deadline for Registration - 22 April 2016


    Well researched original and unpublished papers, focused on the main theme of the Seminar, are invited for presentation at the Seminar. The sub-themes of the Seminar are as follows:

    1. Various forms of cyber crimes
    2. Criminological explanation of cyber crimes
    3. Cyber security laws and policies in India and of other countries
    4. Challenges in enforcement of cyber Laws
    5. Privacy concerns in cyberspace
    6. Data security concerns in cyberspace
    7. Issues regarding free speech on cyberspace
    8. Protection of women and children on cyberspace
    9. Crimes on social networking sites (social media)
    10. Jurisdiction and investigation of cybercrimes
    11. Cyber security concerns in e-commerce
    12. E-governance and digital India
    13. E-governance and cyber security concerns
    14. Net-neutrality
    15. Cyber terrorism and cyber warfare
    16. International Cooperation in dealing with cyber crimes


    Participants who intend to present their research papers in the seminar are requested to adhereclosely to the following specifications in writing their papers:

    1. Author’s Title & Name, University/Organization, Paper Title and Email Address to be statedclearly on the cover page of the paper.
    2. Length - Approximately 6,000 words and no more than 8,000 words, inclusive of footnotes.
    3. Every paper should be accompanied with an abstract no more than 300 words.
    4. Font - Size 12, Times New Roman
    5. Single spacing of text throughout
    6. Microsoft Word Document Format
    7. Authors are requested to follow uniform style of citation. Citation according to Standard Indian
    8. Legal Citation (SILC) style is encouraged. SILC can be accessed

    1. Only one co-author is permitted.
    2. Papers to be sent to by 15 April 2016 at the latest.
    3. Submissions to the abovementioned email id should be made with following subject line:
    4. “Paper for NEHUCLS” < paper title>.
    5. Acceptance of papers will be notified by 20 April

    Click here for registration form.

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